Thursday, November 4, 2010

Silly little girl!

Kamryn, Kamryn, Kamryn! I don't know what is wrong with you lately.  I think you might be getting teeth but I am not sure. You won't eat and all you want is for me to hold you.  Which would be no problem but unfortunately I can't hold you all day! I wish I could!   Even though she has had diarrhea (which thankfully is over) and then a super bad rash because of the diarrhea (which is almost gone!) now she just doesn't want to eat.  I think she has some more teeth. This is a good thing. The girl needs more teeth!  Miss Kamryn is such a crack-up lately. She knows so much it amazes me. The other day she grabbed an empty bag. Walked into the kitchen and threw it away and comes out with food that I threw away earlier...luckily it wasn't anything too nasty, and no I didn't let her eat it.  She steals Keegans binkies and always has the cutest little grin when she is caught with them.  She hands them over when you ask for them...or sometimes fakes you out and pretends to hand them over and then runs away to hide.  As soon as she gets what she wants and she knows she can't have it she RUNS!  She loves to share. Lately that all she wants to do. Share with friends, Keegan, Kade, and especially CJ! It's amazing to me how much she understands. Although she can't always verbalized what she wants or needs she understands directions so well!  She loves dolls and strollers and clothes and toys and loves to shop with her Mama! She loves jewelry and all that fun girl stuff. She is the sweetest little girl. I love her so much!
Here are a few pictures from a couple weeks ago of my silly girl!


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