Saturday, October 29, 2011

Go Titans!

Today was Kade’s last Flag football game. Grandma and Grandpa Williams got here early this morning and were able to come watch Kade play. This whole season Kade has mostly been in defense, he had played running back in another game but at the beginning of the season it was like pulling teeth when it came time to actually play in a game. For a few of the games he sat out the first half because he didn’t want to play and then of course he would end up having fun.  Today he got to play running back again. He was so happy afterwards and he did a great job!

P1060655Grandpa swinging Keegan  P1060664Here is the offensive team coach, letting Kade know that he is going to be running the ball the next time they go in.P1060666Kamryn sweet talked Grandpa into a snow cone!

P1060668 P1060669 P1060671Here he is getting the ball handed off to him.P1060676

Getting their trophies.

P1060677Way to go TITANS!

Football is now over and next week we are onto T-ball!

Trunk or Treat

Our ward had a Halloween party at  the church last night. Kade has been looking forward to Friday ever since they announced it in Primary. Here are a few pictures before the Trunk or Treat. Surprisingly Kamryn wore here hair during part of it.

Here is a dress rehearsal for Kamryn with her wig. I got the idea from here. I did do some things differently like braids within braids and I used hot glue to glue the yarn onto the panty hose.

 P1060625This girl doesn’t like to have her picture taken very much. Can you tell? She is always scowling! P1060630 P1060633Originally Kamryn didn’t want to wear her dress when it was time to get ready. She wanted to wear her shorts and cowgirl boots. Luckily Kade talked her into wearing her princess shoes! What a nice brother! P1060634 P1060641 P1060642          Kade making is mustache fall off…and making his sister smile! What a comedian! P1060644 P1060645 P1060650

Friday, October 28, 2011


I have wanted to dress Keegan up as Dopey one of the Dwarfs from Snow White because he looks so much like him. About a month ago it was on TV and I though of Keegan every time I saw Dopey!

Well I still hadn’t worked out what Keegan was going to be for Halloween and tonight is the Trunk or Treat, so I found one of Ryan’s old green shirts, grabbed an old brown shirt of mine and grabbed one of Kamryn’s old purple shirts and in 30 minutes I had my home-made costume…it looks like it took me more than 30 minutes but not too much more! hah




I still have a few finishing touches….but here is his first fitting.

P1060618             I bribed him with a cookie….

But it didn’t last long….there goes the hat!P1060619P1060621He hates hats!


Kamryn volunteered to try it on for me…

Great Job Kade!

Today was an awards assembly for the first graders and I am so proud of Kade for not faking that he is sick and getting Perfect Attendance for the first Quarter! Last year he started a trend of not feeling very good to get out of doing something that he didn’t like doing. I am so proud of him! We love him very much and we are so glad he enjoys school!P1060596He looks so proud of himself! I was a proud mama!

P1060612          By the way, you can get those same bags under your eyes by staying up until 2am! Not sure why he was acting all embarrassed because before I left he ran up and gave me a kiss and a hug!

Apparently Kamryn felt the need to put the visitor sticker badge over her mouth…It did keep her quiet though! Silly girl!P1060610

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moment of love

Kamryn and Keegan have the typical brother sister relationship. They hit each other one minute and argue over whose toy belongs to them and then the next minute they are so sweet and nice to each other. Those are the moments I want to remember forever…  P1060586Nice little brother pushing his big sister. As soon as I grabbed the camera to get a picture Keegan ran off to ride Bullseye. P1060589Surprisingly Kamryn didn’t put him off the rocking horse because, “Dat’s Mine”

She actually wanted a kiss….I don’t think Keegan is too sure about giving a kiss to his sister though.

 P1060590She snuck a hug in though!

P1060594Boy did she want a kiss! He just wasn’t feeling it I guess!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Friday I bought some pumpkins for us to carve. We didn’t set aside some time to carve them so before I went to work Monday I printed out a fun patter of Kade’s choice for Ryan to carve. Before all the carving the kids had to help get all the guts out since they can’t cut the designs.

P1060581 P1060562 P1060564Kamryn was definitely not interested in sticking her hand in that thing. I don’t blame her!  P1060574

I can’t find the candle Ryan used the other night to get a picture of it all lit up. I will post a picture of all our pumpkins once they are done…we  still have 2 more to carve!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Today Kade was the spotlight in Jr. primary. He was pretty excited. He got to take 5 things to help share about him. He took a football, a Kyle Busch NASCAR, the Book of Mormon, a matchbox Go-cart (because he loves to go go carting), a picture of our Family (there was a picture of Kooper in the front of the frame but it fell out and he is such a shy kid that he didn’t want to say anything.) Then he also had to help recite the 1st Article of Faith in Primary. The speaker wasn’t working so you could barely hear him because he is so quiet. I am so proud of him. He gets so shy when he is up in front of people and I am just glad he did it! Here is my handsome boy before church.


We are so proud of you Kade and love you very much!

Up to no good!

This little girl might be watching a little TOO much  of the movie Tangled…. or maybe since she is going to be Rapunzel for Halloween she is taking her part too seriously? We found her in Kade’s room doing this…

P1060540P1060541  One of the bad parts is that this happened in Kade’s room, he is not too thrilled with it. It is washable crayon, but it isn’t coming off very well!

Flag Football is almost over

Kade has one last game left of Flag football and then we move right on to T-ball. Keeps both him and I busy! I can’t imagine what it will be like when they all want to play a different sport.

P1060550Team Huddle – Kade is in the blue shorts. P1060544 P1060546Kamryn enjoyed her snow cone…it was all down her legs by the time we left!

Just so you know, the kids wear their Aggie shirts every Saturday, so thanks Grandma and Grandpa Williams for sending them, they are getting used quite a bit!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A little update to our back yard

This is what Ryan has been up to the past two weekends (He has done a great job!). I must say that I did help a little! I helped carry half of these pavers from the front yard to the back…

  Before we had the pavers with rock in between.P1060475What great helpers! P1060477

Now we have an extended patio…we are almost finished just need to figure out how to cut the pavers to put in the last few. Now we just need to find a good deal on some patio furniture and maybe a fire pit too? The kids love the extra room to ride there toys on!P1060538

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So a few weeks ago Ryan somehow ended up with my car key in his pocket and had gone to work. I didn’t realize it until 10 minutes before I was supposed to get Kade from school. I called a few people and by then it’s too late because they don’t let you call the school and tell them someone else is picking them up you have to have a note. So I called the school and told them what happened and that I was going to have to walk to pick him up and I would be late. I was in such a hurry I didn’t bother putting on running shoes. I had on some very flat flip flops with no support!  When I got there no one told Kade why I was late or that I was on my way. He didn’t express any worry at that time until today as we drove off from his school he said, “Look, those kids moms forgot to pick them up!” So I started to ask Kade how he felt when I wasn’t able to get to him in time and no one told him. He said, “ I was a little upset.” I told him I was sorry and he said, “That's okay, Daddy shouldn’t have taken your key.”  I just had parent teacher conference with his teacher and he is doing so well. His behavior is much improved and he is doing great in all his school work. He amazes me all the time when I see the new things he is learning in math and reading especially. I am proud of him. Apparently he has a crush on his teacher from Kindergarten because his first grade teacher overheard him telling someone else that he had a hot kindergarten teacher, especially when her hair was straight (she has curly hair).  He is nice to everyone and likes to be friends with everyone. Also on Saturday I caught him writing a love note to a girl in his class, Olivia. He is a funny kid!

P1060520      Here is my handsome boy all ready for church, just prior to spilling chocolate milk down it and me not noticing or him telling me until we were already there!

This little princess is such a silly girl. She has voices. She has her normal voice, her princess voice (a high pitched but soft voice) and her mean scary voice. I love it. She will do it on demand if she isn’t being shy. I call her Daddy the Kamryn Whisperer because he can put her to bed without the 45 minutes of screaming. He has tried to show me his magic….and I have defeated with it until today at nap time. She did awesome! He just spends a little extra time laying by her and telling her that she is going to stay in her bed and go to sleep and tuck her in. So I thought I would be good for tonight and it was going to work and I failed! So I let her cry by the door and it only lasted a couple minutes and then she decided to cry in her bed for a couple minutes and now…she is fast asleep.P1060519       This was Kamryn Saturday after Kade’s flag football game. I was getting ready to put her in bed for a nap and I found her sitting next to Kade on the couch passed out. I don’t  remember the last time she fell asleep when she wasn’t in her carseat or a bed.

Keegan: Is climning onto everything. This is where I found him today…apparently he also has learned how to lock doors.

 P1060534 P1060528 Thor 

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Today is October 15, before Kooper passed away October 15 was just like any other day. Now I now it as Pregnancy and Infant Lost Remembrance Day.


Miss my little monkey!

We love you Kooper!

Kooper2 028

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Zoo

We have season passes to the zoo so since Kade is off this week I wanted him to have a little fun. I have had to work all week so today we went to the Zoo. We weren’t there for long because it was hot and I am taking some medication that makes you very sensitive to sunlight and I really wasn’t up for a sun burn. Why couldn’t it be cool this week like it was last week? Anyhow we got to see the penguins get fed. The kids loved it. They also loved the giraffes. Being the only adult I didn’t get very many pictures…here are a few.

P1060509 P1060512

P1060508 P1060507