Friday, October 28, 2011


I have wanted to dress Keegan up as Dopey one of the Dwarfs from Snow White because he looks so much like him. About a month ago it was on TV and I though of Keegan every time I saw Dopey!

Well I still hadn’t worked out what Keegan was going to be for Halloween and tonight is the Trunk or Treat, so I found one of Ryan’s old green shirts, grabbed an old brown shirt of mine and grabbed one of Kamryn’s old purple shirts and in 30 minutes I had my home-made costume…it looks like it took me more than 30 minutes but not too much more! hah




I still have a few finishing touches….but here is his first fitting.

P1060618             I bribed him with a cookie….

But it didn’t last long….there goes the hat!P1060619P1060621He hates hats!


Kamryn volunteered to try it on for me…

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