Thursday, October 13, 2011

Visiting Kooper

After sleeping Monday so i could go to work that night we loaded up the kids and went to the cemetery to visit Kooper. The kids weren’t on their best behavior. Have I not learned my lesson to make sure they have full tummies and that it isn’t dinner/lunch time when we go? Guess not!P1060504To me it looks like Kade is in the background teaching Kamryn a lesson about pinecones… What a good big brother.

 P1060500The kids loved the pinwheel we took to Kooper. We got a new fall bouquet and a little scarecrow to decorate his grave with. Sad to see that he has a new neighbor. There was another Mom who got there the same time we did. I felt so sorry for her. By the looks of the spot she went to sit at, it looked like it hadn’t been very long since she lost her baby. My heart broke for her. If we didn’t have all the kids there, I might have talked to her and now looking back, I wish I did.

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