Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Recap

One Sunday afternoon we went and drove by the new Phoenix LDS Tempe. Kade didn't want to get out of the car so Kamryn took our picture and we got one of the kids!

School Started! Kade started 4th grade and Kamryn started kindergarten!

Keegan enjoys having alone time with me a few days a week when the kids are at school and with Dad on Monday's. But he sure does miss his big brother and sister.

Daddy giving his little princess some advice!

Kamryn wasn't too happy about being left at such a big school. She got used to it though. Thankfully she had a big brother to walk her to class from the bus everyday!

First day of school and ride on the bus done!!!

Keegan started Preschool!

His first homework assignment done!

He drew a picture of me having a baby! Ca n you tell?

Our little Kylee! 20 weeks and 1 day!

My latest craft! Getting ready for Halloween!

My boys!!! We went to Logan's Steakhouse for dinner! They have the best rolls!

Keegan started his first season of soccer (he is in the white shirt).

Kamryn really needs a sister!!!! Yikes! Can you say blackmail?