Sunday, November 1, 2015


The kids had Fall celebrations the day before Halloween at school. I picked up Ryan from the airport that morning and was able to volunteer for at least Kamryn and kade's parties. But i was able to get some great pictures of Keegans party from the other parents!

The next morning Kamryn and Keegan had their last soccer game and Kade had his last football game.

Best buddies Lacy and Kylee watching their siblings play soccer in their cute Halloween outfits!

Coach Ryan and Coach John handing out trophies to the kids.

After their game we went to Culvers for some lunch!

Then we got ready for Halloween and Trick or Treating!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Another Crazy Week!

I went on a run last week and by the time I got home Kylee was zonked out!

I got these shoes at Goodwill for only $1 and modge podge and some glitter and drying time later....I had some Dorothy shoes for my Halloween costume!

Daddy came home for the weekend! YAY! We were all so happy to see him!

This happy girl turned 10 months old!!!! I can't believe in 2 months she will be 1!!!!! I want to cry just thinking about it.

Later that night we had our ward Halloween Party and Kamryn got sick! So she stayed home with Daddy. Grandma Anita (who was a Lego that I didn't get a picture of), Keegan who was Anger from Inside out, Kade who was a football player and too busy hanging out with his friends for me to get a picture, Kylee my little miss Cinderella and I went to the party!

The next day we had soccer and football and then headed down to Yuma to take Grandma Anita to see her other grandkids!

The kids were soooo happy to see their cousins! Kylee enjoyed her nap on the couch! And the kids even jumped into the 72 degree pool with a bribe from Grandma!

This week Kamryn got an award for Honor Roll and Principles List for having all A's. She was too embarrassed to smile for me in front of her friends, so this is the best I got! Great job Kamryn we are soooo proud of you!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

American Girl Store!

Ryan had to go to Wichita to start work earlier in the week and then my parents Saturday soccer and football were at the same time so I had to miss Kade's Fottball game. We got there right at the end. 

It was a WARM day!

Enjoying some cuddle time with the 2 youngest Kylee and Keegan!

The next day we went to pick Grandma Anita up from the airport!

We got there early so of course we had to entertain ourselves with some funny face "Sheflies"

My sweet little penut is growing tooo fast!

Recently The American Girl Store opened up in Scottsdale. My friend Jenna and I planned when our girls were just babies that we would take them to the one in California when her daughter turned 8....well its a year early and we decided to go since we will be mving to Kansas and probably won't get the chance. Luckily there was one less than an hour away!

I don't know who was more exited me or her!?

Waiting outside the Bistro for our reservation.

We got to keep these cute hair ties taht were around the napkins.

The food was great and Kamryn got to decorate a cupcake for her and her doll Chloe!

We walked around the store for quite a while afterwards. Kamryn has a Christmas List a mile long...I am sure it has everything in the store on it! I wish I was a kid again so I could ask Santa for an American Girl doll!

By the end fo the photos you will be able to tell which doll kamryn wants for Christmas....we had to get a picture with each one of her outfits!

Such a fun day with friends! We are going to miss them sooo much! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall Break and Grandpa and Grandpa Williams visit!

The kids are on fall break! My mom and dad came down for a visit!

They got to watch the kids play football and soccer!

And feed sweet little Kylee!

Grandma reading books to the kids!

 It was nice enough outside to go to the park after my mom and I went on a morning jog!

We went and saw Kooper and took him some new flowers and put a few fall decorations up.

Made a trip to the tanger outlets and did a little shopping! We had to stop at Dairy Queen and get some ice cream!

This big brother sure loves his sister! 

These kids love to swing! Keegan finally learned to pump!

We went to Hotel Transylvania 2!

After Grandma and Grandpa left we went to a new park and the kids had a blast! We got to parks a lot because we are showing our house and have to leave with the dog....there aren't a lot of places you can take your dog!

Then we went to the pumpkin farm! It was SUPER hot until we left and a big monsoon/dust strom came through and cooled it all off!
My friend Nicholette and her family came over for the Aggie VS Boise State football game. I was surprised and happy that my Aggies won! 
 I felt bad for my friend, luckily she's still my friend!

Well it's back to school for the kids and maybe it will be a little easier to keep the house clean while the kids are gone to school!