Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Recap

I went on a girls trip with one of my best friends Jenna (to celebrate her 30th birthday!!!!) and her friend Kelli to her parents cabin in CA. 

Lake Arrowhead

We ate a lot of food and introduced Jenna to Pitch Perfect!
Made this cute banner for Thanksgiving!

Played some Rumicubb.

Went on a hike (after we ate delicious waffles for breakfast).
On our way home we stopped in for lunch and found dole whips!

And it was pouring rain and flooding the streets while we were there! IT was a blast!

Kade had his second Rain gutter regatta!

Always a sweet brother. Here they are waiting for the bus!

Kamryn started dance!

We painted the Kylee's room. We had to get rid of the lovely crayon covered walls!

While visiting Daddy's work we stopped to see the airplanes land and take off. There was a really loud one!

Keegan is LOVING soccer and I love to watch him. Even when it's SUPER hot!

I threw my friend Nicholette a baby shower. She is due 8 weeks before I am.

Grandma Anita came to visit and here are the kids waiting for her at the airport.

She took Keegan on his field trip to the fire station while Ryan and I went on a anniversary trip to Las Vegas.

Ryan surprised me with an anniversary trip to Las Vegas. We had to go to Carlo's Bakery!

We saw the Jabbwalkis (I can't remember how to spell it!), the Titanic exhibit and the Bodies exhibit.

Kade is doing awesome at flag Football. I mostly have videos of him and not pictures. He loves it!

Keegan is improving more and more each week at soccer! 

We took some fall decor and new flowers to Kooper. We miss him soooo much!