Monday, June 30, 2014

Kammryn's 5th & Keegan's 4th Birthday Party!

The theme for their party this year was A Frozen Luau!  I forgot to take pictures of all the decorations! It was a fun mix of Frozen theme and Luau. Since it was sooo hot here and Kamryn had been asking for a Hawaiian birthday and they were obsessed with Frozen i thought i would be perfect!

They made  Elsa crowns for the girls and Sven antlers for the boys. 
We played pin the nose on Olaf.

My Mom made swig cookies! I am not patient enough!

Of course we had to have a pinata!

They kids had a blast!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Recap

We went and visited Kooper and took him some new flowers.

Keegan turned 4 and finally got his own lawnmower! Now he can help daddy!

He requested a cheesecake birthday cake! Happy Birthday Keegan!

Silly Kamryn!

We found out at 11 weeks and 1 day that most likely we were having a girl! We were excited since I really wanted Kamryn to have a sister. We didn't go out and buy girls stuff just yet though!

Once I was 12 weeks we announced we were expecting! I had to include Kooper in our picture and put 7 along with having the monkey!

This is how we keep cool without a pool, running through sprinklers or jumping on the tramp with the water under it!

We are lucky to have a few friends with pools and they are really nice and invite us over to swim! Kade is doing really well and Kamryn and Keegan are too! They love to swim!
We have two unofficial pet lizards along with a lot of small ones. 

Then on the 17th Kamryn turned 5! When she got her shots back in October she didn't even shed a tear or make a peep! She's my tough girl and I can't beleive she is going to start kindergarten!

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and pick up Kade. He is going to go spend some extra time up in Utah this summer with my parents. He is VERY excited! And of course Grandpa and Grandpa spoiled the kids with their birthday presents!

Sometimes they are fighting like cats and dogs and then sometimes I find them being so sweet and loving! Made my heart burst!

My Dad sent some pictures of the Kade and his cousin Daion having fun in Utah! I don't know if he will ever want to come home!