Friday, October 31, 2014

October Recap

Kylee always has her hands up by her head!! Here she is at 27 weeks 6 days.

Here she is giving us a thumbs up!

Family Home Evening at Wendy's before Keegan's soccer practice.

Keegan and I on a date at Dunkin' Donuts after I had to get my blood drawn.

Kamryn got an award for Perfect Attendance.

Keegan loves our dog CJ.

Ryan put together Kylees crib. The room is painted just need to get a new dresser for her and finish her bedding.

Grandma Keren came to visit since Ryan has to go out of town for work. So glad she came down to help me out!

We went to the movies!

The Phoenix Temple was dedicated at the end of the month and we were able to take the kids through and tour it before it was dedicated. My parents got to come too!

My friend Nicholette threw me a baby shower! Such a great friend!

it always melts my heart when I find Kamryn asleep with her Kooper monkey.


I made Kamryn's Anna cape...pretty proud of myself!

Ryan dressed up for work as Clark Kent! My superman!

We painted pumpkins!

Cute little Kylee completely covering her face with her two hands!