Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Recap

Kade finished up his Little League season.  They got 2nd place in the tournament.

The kids play well together, especially if it means making a mess. 52 card pickup anyone?

This kid hats to get his picture taken. He had a major milkshake mustache!

I had an awesome Mother's Day!

My favorite part about the warm part of the year is the lizards. We get quite a few on our back wall. There are a couple large ones that hangout behind the sun every day. This one's name is Sushi. Kamryn named him/her.

Keegan is very independant and insists on making his own "samwhich" with "Cheese" meaning lunch meat.

We had family pictures taken by the lovely Teri Price! She alwasy does a great job! Keegan as much as he hates getting his picture taken, he alwasy steals the show with his silly faces!

At preschool Kamryn's favorite teacher painted her nails. She was so excited to show me when I picked her up.

Keegan had a little meltdown at the dentist but everything turned out ok! No cavaties for these two!

Kade finally got honor roll in the 4th quarter. He worked very hard and I'm so proud of him. For some it comes easy. For Kade he has to work for it. Not because he isn't smart but because if he doesn't like a subject he tunes right out and doesn't pay attention. He worked hard staying focused and in the end got the reward! This is the last day of school with his teacher.
We went to the Surprise pool when school got out. Keegan was a dare devil and jumped into Ryan quite a few times! We may have a little swimmer on our hands!

Someone get this kid a lawnmower. This will do for now! He loved to help Daddy mow the lawn!