Friday, December 31, 2010

We are home!

We made it home early this morning. It was a long crazy drive on the snowy roads in Utah.  Kamryn had a short nap at the begining and then woke up and stayed awake watching Barney until almost 3:30am! We drove through the night hoping that the kids would sleep. Keegan and Kade did great...Kamryn just didn't want to be in the car at ALL!  We were sad to have to leave our family. We weren't more than 3 miles away when Kade said, "I miss my Grandma and Grandpa!" We love them so much and are so glad they were able to put up with the WHOLE family!

Here are a few pictures that I didn't get to post of our stay there...

 Kamryn is happy at first on the car ride to Utah!
 Kade and Kamryn got to open an early Christmas present on the way there! Kamryn got a Barney movie (her favorite!)
 Kade got a new DS game, Mario VS Donkey Kong!

 Keegan enjoyed playing with the case!
 Kamryn is so hard to entertain in the car. All she wants to do is get out of that seat! So I let her play with pretty much whatever she wants! Including my old ipod!
 Cousin Daion holding Keegan!
 My parents horse dog Harley chasing CJ.

 Of course we couldn't miss any of the USU basketball games! Go Aggies! The boys were so excited to meet BIG BLUE (their mascot)!

We made a trip up to Malad to visit my Grandparents. Only my Mom. sister Ashley, Keegan and I went because the boys had colds and my Grandma Alder has had some health problems and we didn't want to spread the germs!  So here is Keegan with his great grandma Alder.  I forgot to bring the camera in when we visited Grandma Williams.

 Kade and Daion may have fought like brothers during the day but at night they slept like they were best friends!

 Daion, Kamryn and Kade watching Shrek. Kamryn wouldn't go anywhere without those necklaces! She only took them off to bathe and sleep!

When we got home Santa left a present for Kamryn at our house. He must have known we couldn't bring it back from Utah!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Playing in the snow!

Kade and Kamryn had so much fun playing in the snow while we were in Utah! This was Kamryn's first time actually playing in the snow.These first few pictures are from the day after we got to Utah. There was a little snow. The darn rain melted it the next day though.  So we had a BROWN Christmas!



Little Marshmallow girl!


Tasia and Kamryn

The day we left we woke up to snow! So the kids got to play in it one last time! It was pretty cold! Here is Kamryn and Grandpa on the four wheeler. They pulled Kade and Daion who were on the sled behind them. Kamryn didn't last long...


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We went bowling today. Kamryn didn't like the fact that she couldn't run down the lane after her ball (she did this a few times!) So she enjoyed the arcade games instead!

Kade waiting to see how many pins he knocked down!

 My Mom!
 Daion and my Dad (who was the winner!)
Tasia and Ryan

Ashley's cute belly bump compared to the bowling ball! And yes she let me feel her little baby kick! So fun!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sarah Palin

Today while Ryan and the kids were napping and Kade was off to the movies with his cousins and Grandpa (they went to Yogi Bear.), I caught up on the Sarah Palin show that she has on the TLC channel. I love it. It is neat to see her experiences and it makes me want to go to Alaska! She seems like a great  mom that loves spending time with her kids. I remember when I first started blogging it was right around election time and I posted a YouTube clip of her daughter Piper fixing the baby's hair with her spit. She is so down to earth and funny.  I was inspired to blog about her because in the episode I watched today she talked about all those bloggers talking crap about her and I am showing that  not all bloggers do. I love watching her show and I think she is a great Mom. I know they are probably talking politics but I don't follow politics much. I think she is an inspiration to all working and non working moms. If you haven't seen it you should watch it and start with the first episode where they see the bears!

I know...this post is oh so random and not something I usually blog about! Haha


Monday, December 27, 2010

Future Piano Player

When I was younger I took piano lessons for a few years. I tried the other day and I don't play the piano well at all! I wish I would have stuck with it. It is such a beautiful talent!

Kamryn loves the piano!


Sunday, December 26, 2010


I am counting down the days until I am done with my new years resolution! I am looking forward to not being obligated to blog. I plan on blogging alot because I want to keep my family's life documented as much as I can. It is kind of cool knowing that I can go back to any day this year and pretty much see what went on that day. I have been pretty forgetful lately and recently saw a show about people who can pretty much remember every day of their lives. The exact day, weather it was a Monday or a Saturday and if it rained or not. Everything about that day.  So blogging daily might give me just a glimpse of what that might have been like by going back to that specific date.

So now I am on to thinking of my new New Years Resolution. I hope I can do as well with my new one as I have done with this last one.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

 Kamryn and her loot from Santa!
 Kade checking out his loot from Santa

 Keegan playing with his new toy that Santa left for him!

 Kamryn riding Bullseye that Grandma and Grandpa gave to her.

Daion, Tasia and Kade waiting to open presents.

 Jared and Ashley (She even lets me rub her belly! I have already felt baby the kick! Thanks Ash!)

 Bree opening a special gift that her son Daion made.
Me opening a present from my parents. A cute decoration that spells JOY!

 Grandpa helping Kamryn on Bullseye! 

Keegan drinking out of his new sippy cup!

Poor Kamryn is getting teeth still! All night she had her fingers in her mouth and all day she wore her pretty necklaces!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We started our morning off baking the sugar cookies so that they were all ready for frosting tonight!

 Kade fixed the Playmobile Advent calendar so it looked all nice for Santa.
 Kamryn really enjoyed her dinner of pizza and sugar cookies!
 Kade, Daion and Tasia decorating sugar cookies.
 Keegan finally figured out how to jump in his jumper!
 Kade's cookies that he decorated. Santa and snowflakes!
 Grandma and Keegan opening up Christmas PJ's!
 Daion and Kade in their new PJ's!
Kamryn's cute new PJ's!