Monday, December 6, 2010


I was reading a post by a friend of mine who has also lost her baby. She talked about an experience she had with someone who worked at the grocery store who knew she was pregnant and then later asked about her baby not knowing that he had passed away. It brought back a memory from while I was pregnant with Kooper.

Kade and I went to Target quite a bit while I was pregnant, especially at the end. Those who know me well know that I buy things and then return or exchange them. I have gotten ALOT better about not buying unnecessary things but I will still return things if I end up finding something I like better (like Christmas gifts) or a better price on the same thing somewhere else and I haven't opened or used it.  Anyhow I came to know the customer service worker at Target quite well for someone who works at a store and the only contact you have with this person is telling them why you are returning something and then getting your money back.  At first I really didn't like this girl. She always had a scowl on her face. She never seemed happy and I always hated going to Target and seeing that she was there. I dreaded it actually. Well eventually I became a familiar face she would ask how much longer I had and would smile and say hi to Kade and she became pleasant and my trips to Target didn't seem too bad.  I remember telling her the last time I saw her before Kooper, " Not much longer, I get induced next week!"  I remember after Kooper passed away walking into Target and totally looking away from the customer service area when I walked in. I didn't want to see her. What if she asked about my baby?   I still see her every once in a while and she doesn't recognize me or at least I don't  think she does. She has seen me come in pregnant two more times after. 

So random and I am not sure of the point of that post..just a memory of being pregnant with Kooper.


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