Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 When we were up at the outlets with my parents Kamryn found a new love!  Her and Kade chased this little thing all over the store.  Yesterday Kamryn piked it up and then did her high pitched scream/squeal she does when she gets excited and then she dropped it and the ball broke open and out when the gerbil.  She did the same scream but started running away scared of the gerbil. It was so cute!  Today I found her trying to put him in it. She wouldn't let me help her for the longest time. After I got him going again she just held it while the gerbil ran inside. She carried it around everywhere. I made up a song for her that she was dancing to. It is similar to the song, Once there was a Turtle.

Here it is:

Once there was a gerbil his name was Tiny Quinn
I put him in the ball to see if he could spin
He rolled around the living room
He rolled all over the tile
Now he's home sick in bed
Without his ball in style.

The last line doesn't make any sense but he, it rhymes!

Notice all the DVD's...that's her other favorite thing to do. Pull them all out! Kade uesed to do it too!


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