Thursday, December 30, 2010

Playing in the snow!

Kade and Kamryn had so much fun playing in the snow while we were in Utah! This was Kamryn's first time actually playing in the snow.These first few pictures are from the day after we got to Utah. There was a little snow. The darn rain melted it the next day though.  So we had a BROWN Christmas!



Little Marshmallow girl!


Tasia and Kamryn

The day we left we woke up to snow! So the kids got to play in it one last time! It was pretty cold! Here is Kamryn and Grandpa on the four wheeler. They pulled Kade and Daion who were on the sled behind them. Kamryn didn't last long...


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Sher said...

I was hoping to go Utah this year for Xmas so my girl could play in the snow. But our in-laws came here instead. I hope to go to Flagstaff so Keira can play in the snow too! Looks like your kids had fun!