Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Update

Keegan has the strongest desire to crawl! When I hold him and he is cranky, I lay him down and he giggles and babbles and I love it. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks. He spins on his belly and rolls to where he wants to be. If he sees something he wants he rolls and is over to it in seconds.

Kamryn is talking more and more every day. Some of her latest words are: Santa, Juice and Ho Ho Ho.

Kade is so excited for Christmas he can hardly stand it. He has been counting down the days and for the past few days he has been telling me, "It's a holiday mom!" Tonight he said, "Happy Christmas Eve!" He said that Santa is going to come tomorrow night. I asked him what that means. He said "If your good you get toys and if your bad you don't get anything!" Then him and his cousin were watching A Christmas Story. They came running out to ask if fudge is a bad word. Kade told Santa that he wants a pillow pet and a frog (Leapfrog Tag). 


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