Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Potty Time!

So last night before I went to work Kamryn ripped of her diaper and started running around. I chased her around trying to get the diaper back on her. She really doesn't like diapers but when I tell her, "Okay, if you don't want to wear a diaper then you have to go potty in the toilet." She lets me put the diaper on her. So today when I threatened her with having to go potty on the toilet she said, "Ok" like it was no big deal and she does it everyday. So we walked to the bathroom and she sat down on the toilet. She had a drink, brushed her teeth, read a book and talked to me as I fixed my hair. I kept asking if she had peed yet, still nothing. Then all of a sudden I smell something....I thought, Nice she is farting...then I look in the toilet and to my surprise she pooped! We applauded her and she got a cookie. She was so happy and proud of herself. I made her sit back down and try and pee but it was then time for me to go to work so that was enough for the day. I wish I had the week off work to really work with her on her potty skills since she is finally showing more interest. Later this month I have almost a  whole week off that I was planning on being "potty training week" Hopefully she is still willing to try by then. I am considering trying to get Keegan potty trained that week too!. Is that torture or should I just wait? We will see I guess. Wouldn't that be nice to not have to buy diapers anymore???!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Silly Girls

The other night Kamryn and I played photo booth. She is one silly girl! I love her!IMG_0461IMG_0458IMG_0464IMG_0460

Friday, January 27, 2012

January Catch-up post

So I have been soooo horrible at blogging. I will try and get better… Here are some random pictures from our month so far….Sorry Kade, don’t feel neglected, but when I try and take your pictures you tell me your allergic to cameras….so it’s your own fault I don’t have very many pictures of you! I still love you though!

 IMG_0368    IMG_0388 IMG_0400     IMG_0373IMG_0378My handsome kade. He has been such a helper and is doing great in school. I can’t even remember the last time he hasn’t come home with a green light, which used to be a struggle. I am so proud of him. He is the sweetest boy!IMG_0391After running errands all day Keegan and Kamryn were pooped. Thought they looked cute…IMG_0376Keegan was licking the bath water…A few weeks ago They were in the bath and Kamryn was right behind Keegan with her face in the water and I look over and Keegan is peeing and then kamryn sits up and said, YUM! She didn’t know he was peeing in the water…Maybe it’s time for seperate baths???   IMG_0405One day while the kids were playing in Keegan’s room it got real quiet…I had to go see what was going on…. IMG_0430Keegan is a little gymnast…he loves to swing on the lower clothes rack…he has a strong core!

 IMG_0419Kamryn’s favorite hiding place is in the pantry…

IMG_0409   IMG_0445 IMG_0449IMG_0437

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Last Day in Utah

IMG_0334Keegan, Daion, Kade and Kamryn all cuddled up watching cartoons.

Our last day there we took the kids to the Fun Park to ply and Roller Blade.

   IMG_0338 IMG_0339

Kamryn overcame her fear of big playground enclosed slides while we were there.

 IMG_0355IMG_0342Then we stopped at Big J’s in Richmond to get some Tots and of course FRY SAUCE! Yumm! Kamryn loves ice cream so when she found out Aunt Ashley had some she knew who her new best friend would be! Right behind Kamryn is our rental car. It was a 2011 Dodge Durango and in case you are wondering….it was nice, wish I could afford one of those!

Wish we were back in Utah with family. We love and miss you all!

Christmas in Utah

We had a great time in Utah. The only thing missing was SNOW! It didn’t snow but a skiff on one of the first days we got there. And then it rained and melted the crusted snow that wasn’t even soft enough to play in. Oh well we had so much fun visiting with our family that the snow didn’t really matter after all!   IMG_0263Keegan cuddling with Grandma Keren and CJ in his little Christmas sweater! IMG_0265They sure love Grandpa, he gives them all kinds of treats and does power slams onto the bed. IMG_0327                                      We even saw some deer while we were there!

 IMG_0269Christmas Eve my Mom made some Yummy soup that Ryan thinks I need to learn how to make. I told my mom that she should just make a couple batches when she visits and then I can freeze it so I don’t have to learn to make it….can you tell i love to cook?  Above Kamryn and Daddy playing games on the iphone and itouch.IMG_0271Santa had to move all the presents into the living room so there would be room for his presents for all the kids. Notice the tree missing some lights. I am pretty sure that the lights partiallen went out when Keegan knocked over the tree! Christmas morning my Dad woke us up at 7am. When I was growing up It was the opposite. We were waking him up at 4am!

Some of the kids presents minus all their clothes. They sure enjoyed them all!

IMG_0272   IMG_0307IMG_0270IMG_0306IMG_0273IMG_0308

  IMG_0286 IMG_0288  IMG_0294 IMG_0295IMG_0297The look on his face is so cute, I wish I would have got a better shot. I forgot to get a picture of it, but he got the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with all the characters. He was pretty impressed since it is his favorite show to watch.

After opening presents and having breakfast we went to church. Ryan ended up catching some sort of 24 hour Flu bug so after Church he disappeared for the rest of the night. Meanwhile the kids had fun playing with their new toys.


When we werent sure where Keegan had snuck of too he was either climbing down the stairs to go play in the basement with the toys or in Daion’s room playing cars. He woudl just line them up.

On Christmas Day I found him in the bathroom…..IMG_0369   IMG_0321He loved playing with Maleaha, it was like having a little sister to pick on!  Of course little sisters always get you back!    IMG_0318IMG_0305Here is Kamryn’s dollhouse all put together with the room sets she got for Christmas. I think I had more fun with it then she did! She still loves to play with it and so does her brothers. And of course there is hardly ever any furniture in the house. It’s usually on her floor.

 IMG_0322This picture is blurry, but I had to share it. Keegan was trying to actually get both his feet inside the mini van that goes to the dollhouse. He did get them both in at one point and then fell down crying.

New Year!

I am back to blogging. That was a long break (for me anyway). I wanted to blog but since I got my iphone I have barely been on my computer.I was also hoping to get pictures from Christmas from Ryan’s phone onto the computer and it still hasn’t happened so I am just going to do it with what I have got.

It’s been crazy lately, just before Christmas I was in a car accident and luckily none of us had to go to the hospital but our car was totaled and we were supposed to be leaving for Utah in less than a week. At the time we hadn’t confirmed that our car was totaled so we had to rent a car in the meantime and luckily it all worked out so we could take the rental to Utah. So between finding a new car, getting settled back into a routine, going to doctors appointments and everything else it’s been crazy stressful! I am the type of person that keeps filling all these little worries and bothers in a cup and then the littlest thing fills up the rest of my cup and it just spills right over. I really need to work on that. Luckily recently as I sensed the fullness I decided to pray, because I knew that no one else could really do anything besides listen to me complain and really who wants to listen, (by the way sorry Mom and Ryan for always having to listen to it!) Sometimes I like using my blog as an outlet because once it’s written down it is almost a relief and I can move on. Some things that have been adding to my cup that I have wanted to get out

I miss Kooper. Lately I have had moments where I am upset that I didn’t get to fight and plead for his life. Some people get a chance to plead to heavenly father to spare the life of their child.

I am sad that Kooper would have been a SUNBEAM in church. He would be a big boy that goes to Primary!  It makes me sad.

I never thought I was attached to my car and the funny thing is we ended up buying the exact same year, and color of car so unless you are familiar with some of the little differences in my car you would never know I got a new one. But my old car had so many memories in it. I was pregnant with Kooper when we got it. I carried his car seat around in it. I drove to many doctors appointments in it. I drove myself to the hospital in it and then followed the hearse that carried him to the cemetery in it. It’s a weird feeling but I feel like I lost more of Kooper in losing my car. I felt the same way about our house when we moved. I am sure I will soon get over it.

I see all the people who are dealing with cancer and it saddens me. It scares me because after Kooper it really opened my eyes and I no longer have that voice in my head saying. “It won’t happen to me.” because it can and it does. I just have to remind myself that it is all in God’s plan and I just have to have faith. So I just have to have faith that there is a reason I didn’t get to fight for Kooper to stay and that he didn’t have to suffer.

Sometimes when I am getting annoyed with my kids or frustrated when they wake up every hour at night screaming that life it too short and if given the option to have my son here with us meant I would be up every hour on the hour for the rest of my life than I would take it. He would be worth it. So my kids that are actually here with me need to be worth it.

When I hear them giggling in Keegan’s room and go to check it out and find this…


What did I do? Laughed! Even thought they could easily break the crib with all the weight of them jumping. I laugh because I am just so thankful to have them here with me and they are HEALTHY. I thank God every day for healthy kids. They may not be perfect but I love them no matter what, they are mine! They are my pride and joy and I would do ANYTHING for them.

I was relieved that Heavenly Father was answering my prayers.  He answered them in someone's testimony in church on Sunday, in a blog post about how sometimes we get sad and that it’s normal. We are not “super moms”. And then this morning when I talked to a friend who at the young age of 18 with a full ride volleyball scholarship right in front of her got in a terrible accident leaving her a 3% chance of living. She wasn’t supposed to be able to walk, but did. Hearing her outlook on life and realizing that even though life seems to be getting tough and isn’t exactly how I want it to be, that I am pretty lucky to not only be alive and healthy, but have a wonderful husband and loving children to be with everyday. I am so thankful for my parents and all that they sacrificed and did for me growing up and that they still do for me today.

So here is to a new year! I am not sure what this year has in store for me but I am looking forward to spending time with my family and being happy!

Pre-Christmas Present

Since we didn’t have a lot of room to pack gifts in the car we let the kids open a present from each other the night before we left for Utah.  Ryan and I even opened toys that were in boxes to condense down the amount of room that gifts would take up.

Keegan got a mop, broom and swiffer kit. HE LOVES IT. He still likes to use mine though.IMG_0259 IMG_0253Kade got a DS Game to play in the car. IMG_0255Kamryn got a pink cash register to play “store” with.

The next day we headed for Utah and had a pretty uneventful drive up there. It did snow a little which freaked me out a little because I haven’t driven in snow in YEARS! I was so worried I was going to hit black ice or something. Luckily we made it safe and sound!