Friday, January 27, 2012

January Catch-up post

So I have been soooo horrible at blogging. I will try and get better… Here are some random pictures from our month so far….Sorry Kade, don’t feel neglected, but when I try and take your pictures you tell me your allergic to cameras….so it’s your own fault I don’t have very many pictures of you! I still love you though!

 IMG_0368    IMG_0388 IMG_0400     IMG_0373IMG_0378My handsome kade. He has been such a helper and is doing great in school. I can’t even remember the last time he hasn’t come home with a green light, which used to be a struggle. I am so proud of him. He is the sweetest boy!IMG_0391After running errands all day Keegan and Kamryn were pooped. Thought they looked cute…IMG_0376Keegan was licking the bath water…A few weeks ago They were in the bath and Kamryn was right behind Keegan with her face in the water and I look over and Keegan is peeing and then kamryn sits up and said, YUM! She didn’t know he was peeing in the water…Maybe it’s time for seperate baths???   IMG_0405One day while the kids were playing in Keegan’s room it got real quiet…I had to go see what was going on…. IMG_0430Keegan is a little gymnast…he loves to swing on the lower clothes rack…he has a strong core!

 IMG_0419Kamryn’s favorite hiding place is in the pantry…

IMG_0409   IMG_0445 IMG_0449IMG_0437

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