Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015!

Sisters watching cartoons!

I painted Kylee's toes!!!

While the boys went to the Sun's Game the girls stayed back and played! Lily and Kamryn did a little dress up!

Latest craft for V-day/St Patty's Day!

The kids had Hat Day at school.

Kylee has started to show off her beautiful smile while she is awake! 

While I was at the Dr. Keegan and Daddy had a little picnic outside!

Its Valentines day! Our cute little love bug!

First time in the stroller. She loved it!

Keegan loves to try and make his baby sister smile.

Kylee loves to get her diaper changed! Every time I lay her down she gets a huge smile on her face.

Its blurry but this girl wouldn't stay still. She is always wiggling!!! She is 2 months old! She is 
10lbs 7oz (29%)
23.5'' long (91%)
The doctor doesn't like that she went down in percentile on weight so we increased her meds for reflux and we are feeding her more and she will be weighed in a week! She ended up gaining the following week so we are in the clear!!!