Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kylee's Newborn Pictures

My friend Teri does amazing work! I loved how they turned out! We couldn't get her to sleep! We got her to fake it a few times!

January 2015!!!

My parents left New Years Day. We were sad to see them go! I look back and have not missed a day where I didn't take a picture of Kylee. So sorry for any Kylee picture overload!!!

Doesn't she look like her big brother Kooper???

Squish cheeks!

She got her newborn pictures taken. I will post them soon! She was wide awake and wouldn't sleep. As soon as we got home she conked out!

Keegan is begging for attention! It didn't come off easily...someone (not me) left out a permanent marker!

Apparently I must be a little sleep deprived having a newborn....Keegan was sitting by me and we were watching a show. I must have fell asleep!

Keegan staying busy while I am busy taking care of Kylee!

He sure does love his baby sister!

Kamryn is happy to have a sister! She loves to help change diapers!

Lily and Jack came over to play while there parents went on a date! PARTAY!

Love her sleepy, dreamy smiles!

To give Keegan attention he wants I end up playing MarioKart 8 a lot! 

Kamryn got a character counts award for Citizenship. I guess they messed up her last name?? Proud of our sweet Kamryn!

Sibling Selfie!

Kade started basketball. He is a great player. He is best at his 3 pointers. He hasn't made one during a game but it great during practice. He mad quite a few baskets and even had 3 free throw shots made in a row. We are proud of him!

Keegan making me a picture! He is telling me not to peek!

Kylle is all ready for a trip to the park! She is wearing her cute hat from aunt Ashley and all snug in the sleepy wrap!

Kade loves to take care of his baby sister! He's a great helper!

1 month old already!? Stop growing baby girl!

On January 28th we had quite the scare! Kylee stopped breathing for a minute while I was holding her. Because they weren't sure why she was admitted to the hospital for monitoring.

Finally in her room after a LONG night in the ER.

Poor baby girl!

This picture is after a LONG day of doing nothing and then they finally get her upper and lower GI testing underway. Poor girl hadn't eaten in 5 1/2 hours. I was in tears more than her I think! I was not a happy mama!

Her X-ray hospital gown.

Happy she finally has food in her tummy! We couldn't wait to get out of that place!

We are in the car and on our way home! Glad to get out of that place!!!!