Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015!

The first week of March basketball season came to an end. I have missed going to Kade's games on Saturday. I enjoy watching him play.

Crazy sock day at school!
Our happy little girl!

Saturday morning cartoons!

We have been enjoying the cool evenings with smores!

Kylee enjoys watching her brother play the wii! 

Kamryn loves to read! She is getting so good at it and I never have to remind her to read for school because she is always doing it!

We went to visit Kooper and drop off some new flowers and Easter decorations.

Sleeping baby's are the cutest!

We started off the week of spring break at Dairy Queen!

The rest of the week was full of sick kiddos! Not how we planned to spend spring break.

Kamryn on the left and Kylee on the right.

Kade the big helper! He loves to help with Kylee!

Dog pile on Dad!

Kylee is 3 months old!!!!! I can't believe how big she is getting. She is growing too fast! We love having her in our family!

The night before Kylee's baby blessing! Poor girl isn't feeling good.

I asked my Grandma Williams to make Kylee a blessing dress so that Kamryn and Kylee can pass their dresses on to their daughters if they want. I wanted Kylees to be just like Kamryn's (mine). It didn't end up being quite like mine but was still pretty!

Ryan did a wonderful job and gave her a beautiful blessing. We were so happy that some of our friends were able to attend and my cousin Amanda who was down in AZ for school.