Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kade’s Valentines Mailbox

 IMG_0631  IMG_0632 IMG_0636       IMG_0633

My favorite part about Valentine’s Day as a kid was making a Valentines box. Last year they didn’t do that in kindergarten so I was excited when Kade brought home instructions to make a box. I prepared it with the red paper and he did the rest,I did give  a little suggestion and help with the top!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Quote from The Help

I loved the book and movie, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I especially love what Aibileen tells Mae Mobley. I decided to make a printable to hang in Kamryn’s room and thought I would share it with anyone who wants it. It is done with a free scrapbooking kit from Summertime Designs. Every little girl should feel this way and I want Kamryn to always remember that she is all of those things and more. Hopefully this will also help remind me to tell her often because sometimes I get so busy with the day to day things I forget to take the time to tell my kids those things.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One mad kid!

Kade was being such a sweet kid and offered to take the trash out for me. After him not returning after a few minutes I went to see if he was okay, He was not very happy with me. He was mad that I tossed some old school papers. Honestly I am just happy that it was the recycle can and not the garbage can!


Sorry Kade! I guess I need to be a little more sneaky about getting rid of papers next time!

Something I have started doing though is scanning in his best work and then I am going to upload them into a photo book to avoid the clutter and make the memories last!

Super Bowl

We had a great day on Super Bowl Sunday, the weather was great and we had lots of yummy treats and our friends Nickey, Landon and Dylan came over.

IMG_0606 IMG_0608   IMG_0605 IMG_0599


I forgot to take a picture of Kade’s but a few weeks ago Kade proudly presented his work of art….Kamryn’s 6-pack!


Later on that day when we got to Target she likes to get a wipe and help wipe the handle on the cart and she lifted up her shirt to try and wipe off the marker. But when asked where her six pack was, she will show ya!