Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Day


I put sponge curlers in Kamryns hair. The curls didn’t last long though! Darn!


The Dunn family invited us over for Thanksgiving this year. The kids had a blast playing in the sandbox in their backyard. They enjoyed the delicious dinner too and then lots more playing!

  thanksgiving1The kids table.

 thanksgiving2Kade with a mouth full of food! thanksgiving3Keegan had his Lion’s jersey on…too bad they lost! Sorry hunny! He sure did LOVE my Jell-O, that’s almost the only thing he ate. All the kids are just like there mom and don’t like mashed potatoes. I thought at least one of them would. thanksgiving4Dylan and Kamryn


We realized we didn’t have any pictures of us from Thanksgiving so on our drive home I snapped a picture…haha notice Ryan is such a great driver he didn’t take his eyes off the road!

  IMG_0073Then I got to do what I love most about Thanksgiving (since I am not a huge fan of traditional Thanksgiving food) SHOP! I love black Friday shopping. It’s fun, especially when you get to go with friends! I got a bunch of shopping done and got some great deals too!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beautiful Day

The day after Thanksgiving was so nice. We spent some time at the park and then did a little shopping and even put up the Christmas lights.   IMG_0081 IMG_0083 IMG_0084

Wednesday, November 23, 2011



After dragging the kids around doing errands practically all day, by the time we got home they were all passed out in the back seat and all continued to nap once we got inside, which is a rarity after waking up!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Concert

Today Kade had a Thanksgiving Concert at school. He begged me to wear his church clothes. He really wanted to wear a tie. I didn’t want him to wear his church clothes because I knew he would end up ruining them at recess. So I finally gave in but only if he promised to change his clothes after the program. Luckily he agreed and I hope he follows through with his end of the deal! They sang a cute Turkey version of the Hokey Pokey! I loved it!



Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The other day while I was at Sam’s Club an older lady asked if Kamryn and Keegan were twins. I think there is still an obvious age difference between them but not for too long.

Here are some of the recent trouble that these two have been getting into.

P1060723Rolling on the pumpkins we never got around to carving….

Such a sweet sister!   P1060729A kiss and a hug! P1060730 P1060731 What a rude big sister. How do I get her to stop hitting? Don’t worry Keegan got back at her later when she fell asleep on the floor! The worst part about it is that she thinks it’s funny…look at his poor little face?! Time out for Kamryn!

P1060742Kamryn is obcessed with this jacket…she didn’t take it off all day yesterday! P1060743Can you believe this kid at the entire apple? Not the core obviously. What a big boy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Tree Skirt

I have been without a tree skirt for Kooper’s tree for a few years. The first year I used a white sheet around it. Then last year I didn’t use anything. This year I found a great tutorial on a ruffled tree skirt and I loved the look, so I might even make another one for my big tree! My sister and Mom wanted to know how I did it so i thought I would post it on my blog. Here is the link to the tutorial: Ruffled Tree Skirt

P1060736I just got an old sheet out of my closet and traced my current tree skirt with a magic marker and then cut it out. It was a very thin sheet and I worried it wouldn’t be a think enough material but it worked out great.

Then I have some white sheets that I had laying around from a bed that we no longer have in that size and I cute 3 inch strips. I found a sponge that was 3 inches long and used that as I cut so I had a visual. My lines weren't straight but once you put it on you can’t really tell.

I left the edges raw, so they will fray a little. I think it gives it a vintagey look if that’s a word…

So I did mine a little differently. I decided to do straight stick (I did mine by hand) which helped it stay synched. 

I did a ruffle all the way to the top and hot glued the top of the ruffle to the back of the sheet so you can’t see the synches.

I also didn’t do ribbon to tie bows. I am just going to lay it down the way I want it.

Can’t think of any other tips, if you have any questions for when you make yours leave a message or e-mail me.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Skipping naptime

This is what happens in the evening when instead of napping you play during naptime…


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First T-ball game of 2011

P1060707 P1060711 P1060712

My parents were able to come before they drove back home to Utah. We miss them so much and wish they could have stayed longer!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

We had some costume drama at our house….with a 2 year old! I am in for it if she is already concerned about what to wear. She didn’t want to wear her Rapunzel costume, so I put one of Kade’s old Buzz Lightyear costumes on her. She didn’t like that for more than 10 minutes. I think she was hot. She wanted to wear her boots so she was Daisy Duke or as most people called her a cowgirl! Keegan didn’t like his costume very much so he was a football player instead with shoulder pads and all!P1060680 P1060681 P1060682 P1060685 P1060689 P1060693

The kids had a great time. Kamryn wasn’t very shy at all. She loved seeing all the scary decorations and repeated over and over, “Ooohhh that’s scary!” and “Ewwww that scared me!” she screamed a few times and even started to cackle like a witch! Kade was an awesome big brother and was very patient about waiting for his little brother and sister. He loved all the scary houses.

When he got back he was passing out candy and when they would come to the door he was giving them each 4 pieces so I told him he couldn’t do that or we would run out too soon. So when people came to the door he would be looking out the window and before they even got up to the porch he would say, “Happy Halloween, You can only pick one!”