Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The other day while I was at Sam’s Club an older lady asked if Kamryn and Keegan were twins. I think there is still an obvious age difference between them but not for too long.

Here are some of the recent trouble that these two have been getting into.

P1060723Rolling on the pumpkins we never got around to carving….

Such a sweet sister!   P1060729A kiss and a hug! P1060730 P1060731 What a rude big sister. How do I get her to stop hitting? Don’t worry Keegan got back at her later when she fell asleep on the floor! The worst part about it is that she thinks it’s funny…look at his poor little face?! Time out for Kamryn!

P1060742Kamryn is obcessed with this jacket…she didn’t take it off all day yesterday! P1060743Can you believe this kid at the entire apple? Not the core obviously. What a big boy!

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Christy said...

:) They are so cute! They are starting to look more like the same age. I can't believe how big Keegan is getting! So crazy. They are going to be cute buddies as they get older. :)