Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

We had some costume drama at our house….with a 2 year old! I am in for it if she is already concerned about what to wear. She didn’t want to wear her Rapunzel costume, so I put one of Kade’s old Buzz Lightyear costumes on her. She didn’t like that for more than 10 minutes. I think she was hot. She wanted to wear her boots so she was Daisy Duke or as most people called her a cowgirl! Keegan didn’t like his costume very much so he was a football player instead with shoulder pads and all!P1060680 P1060681 P1060682 P1060685 P1060689 P1060693

The kids had a great time. Kamryn wasn’t very shy at all. She loved seeing all the scary decorations and repeated over and over, “Ooohhh that’s scary!” and “Ewwww that scared me!” she screamed a few times and even started to cackle like a witch! Kade was an awesome big brother and was very patient about waiting for his little brother and sister. He loved all the scary houses.

When he got back he was passing out candy and when they would come to the door he was giving them each 4 pieces so I told him he couldn’t do that or we would run out too soon. So when people came to the door he would be looking out the window and before they even got up to the porch he would say, “Happy Halloween, You can only pick one!”

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