Saturday, October 29, 2011

Go Titans!

Today was Kade’s last Flag football game. Grandma and Grandpa Williams got here early this morning and were able to come watch Kade play. This whole season Kade has mostly been in defense, he had played running back in another game but at the beginning of the season it was like pulling teeth when it came time to actually play in a game. For a few of the games he sat out the first half because he didn’t want to play and then of course he would end up having fun.  Today he got to play running back again. He was so happy afterwards and he did a great job!

P1060655Grandpa swinging Keegan  P1060664Here is the offensive team coach, letting Kade know that he is going to be running the ball the next time they go in.P1060666Kamryn sweet talked Grandpa into a snow cone!

P1060668 P1060669 P1060671Here he is getting the ball handed off to him.P1060676

Getting their trophies.

P1060677Way to go TITANS!

Football is now over and next week we are onto T-ball!

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