Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kade’s Football Game


I am glad I survived the football game today. Ryan had to work and Kade had team pictures an hour before the game. So we had to be there 1 hour 15 minutes before the game out in the 100 degree heat with little ones. It was HOT, I guess it could have been hotter! I got one pictures because the rest of the time I was chasing the kids around trying to keep them occupied. Kade did a great job as a lineman today. He can’t wait to get to play Quarterback or running back. He wants to get to hold the ball! 

He wasn’t a happy camper this morning because yesterday his tooth fell out at school when they were doing centers and then this morning when he excitedly looked under his pillow for his dollar there wasn’t one (Whoops!) What kind of tooth fairy is running the show these days? How could they forget?  Ryan told him it’s probably because it’s a weekend and maybe the tooth fairy doesn’t work on weekends. I told him the tooth fairy probably didn’t see it because it was wadded up in a sandwich bag. I told him tonight we will put it in a new Ziploc sandwich bag so the tooth fairy would be able to see it nice and clearly!

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