Sunday, October 23, 2011


Today Kade was the spotlight in Jr. primary. He was pretty excited. He got to take 5 things to help share about him. He took a football, a Kyle Busch NASCAR, the Book of Mormon, a matchbox Go-cart (because he loves to go go carting), a picture of our Family (there was a picture of Kooper in the front of the frame but it fell out and he is such a shy kid that he didn’t want to say anything.) Then he also had to help recite the 1st Article of Faith in Primary. The speaker wasn’t working so you could barely hear him because he is so quiet. I am so proud of him. He gets so shy when he is up in front of people and I am just glad he did it! Here is my handsome boy before church.


We are so proud of you Kade and love you very much!

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