Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time to potty train?

I have been putting off potty training Kamryn for a few reasons:

1. I pushed Kade and it did me no good. He wasn’t ready. So finally after pushing and pushing I gave up. I was very pregnant with Kooper and didn’t have the energy. I had also heard of the horror stories of people who finally got their child potty trained and then they had a baby and the child reverted back for attention. So I decided that he would do it when he wanted to because I knew that he knew what he was doing. About a week before Kooper was born I was home on bed rest laying on the couch and all of a sudden I heard the toilet flush. I hurried as fast as I could waddle into the bathroom and there Kade was proud as can be. He went potty and flushed the toilet too!

Now finally to reason number 2. Kamryn and Keegan are so close in age, I figured that the longer I wait to train Kamryn the sooner Keegan will want to and then I only have to do it once.

Well I think that idea is not going to work because I think Kamryn might be ready. Last night she ripped off her pants and her diaper before I went to work. Then apparently while I was at work she took them off again and Ryan ended up finding poop in one of her toy bins. We aren’t sure if she pooped in there or if she pulled the poop out of her diaper and put it there. Either way she didn’t like it. I guess she pointed to the potty after she did all of this.

3. I don’t know that she is really ready as far as knowing how to hold it and how to “let it go”.

So here we go through the potty adventures!

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