Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Scrapbooking Goals

I am dedicating Monday nights (9pm-whenever) to scrapbooking. It is about the only time I have to scrapbook and I have a very challenging goal to live up to. I had this same goal a year ago, but this time I am determined to complete it. My goal is to catch up on Kade's scrapbook by the time this next baby arrives. It was catch up by the time Kooper arrived and that sure didn't happen. As you will see below I have only gotten to July 2006, so I have a ways to go, but I am determined. Tonight I did 3 pages and thought I would share. They were probably the easiest pages I have done in a while because I didn't put a ton of effort into them. I bought the paper along with the matching stickers while I was in UT. The other 2 holiday layouts are from a scrapbook club that I joined. They give you all the materials for a bunch of layouts and another fun crafty scrapbook thing. I will get one every other month.

July 2006

Christmas 2006

The present with the green ribbon unties and on each square there is a picture. I adhered it to the outside of my page protector.


Kade started T-ball on Saturdays. I didn't know this when I signed him up, but all parents are assistant coaches and so guess who gets to play T-ball with Kade every Saturday for 6 weeks!? ME. It's not so much a bad thing, but it is something that I wish Ryan would do and I sat on the sidelines and took pictures or use the video camera. But due to Ryan's work schedule the job is up to me. He is good at throwing the ball. They learned the name of each base and the order you run them in. He wasn't too keen on the idea of listening to some stranger tell him what to do, so it took him a little bit to warm up.

Since I am an "assistant coach" I don't really get the chance to take pictures of Kade and capture this lovely experience. I would love to have gotten a picture of him and the kid next to him pouting on the ground because they didn't want to stretch or do all that boring stuff! So after they ran the bases I tried to get a few snapshots.

Getting in line to run the bases. Kade not paying attention to anything the coach is saying!

After running the bases.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spilt milk!

Okay, so I was thinking about some of the funny things Kade has done lately and I wanted to document them because I remember alwasy asking my Mom and Dad what sort of trouble I got into when I was younger or funny stories of things that I did.

So I didn't work last night because Kade came down with Croup on Monday night and I didn't want to completely expose the daycare with it and I worry about him having a croup attack at night while I am working. So I stayed home with my little boy.

Last night he wanted some cereal. I asked if he wanted milk. He said no. So I left him with his bowl of cereal. About 5 minutes later I hear an, "uh-oh" and I walk into the kitchen. Kade has poured his own milk! See picture below.

Then we were lounging around watching TV and a commercial for the shower cleaner that you push a button and it sprays your entire shower came on. He was walking around and happened to be standing less than a foot away from the TV and started to back up because it looked like he was going to get sprayed and he tripped over his toys. I was laughing so hard. I guess you had to be there.
Also yesterday I had a doctors appt. The baby is looking good. I even got a few prints of the Ultrasound he did. It wasn't an ultrasound visit and Dr. McKernan isn't that great with his old ultrasound machines he keeps in his regular appt rooms. But I got to see the little peanut!
Below is a picture of the ultrasound. I didn't really want to take the time to scan it.
I have an ultrasound on February 17th. Hopefully that will be the day we find out if we are having another boy or a gril!

Can't wait.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time goes by so fast...

I am so amazed out how fast time flies by! It seems like only yesterday I was pregnant with Kooper and then holding him in my arms in disbelief that something like this could or would ever happen to me.


You are such a special boy! You have touched so many people and have brought families closer together and most importantly reminded your family what the most important thing in this life is. You have taught me so much and helped me become closer than ever to our Heavenly Father and our Christ. You are have such a sweet spirit and I can't wait until I can hold you in my arms again. Your big brother misses you so much.

I know you are in the best place anyone could be; away from all the evils of this world. Watching over us. We love and miss you so very much and think about you every day. Till we meet again!
Hugs and Kisses
Mommy, Daddy and Kade

There are times I think of Kooper and my heart hurts because I am being selfish and wish that he were here. My heart hurts even more when I think of Kade and his feelings on having a little brother, but not actually having him here. Today he saw a baby and said, "Mom, I want one of those." He loves it when another baby or kid younger than he is around. I can't wait for Kade to be a big brother to an earthly brother or sister so he can experience being the big brother. I know he will be great at it!
Anyways this post is supposed to be about Kooper. He would have been six months old today. Yesterday as I was driving to work I was thinking about what he would look like now. If he would be really chubby like Kade was, if he would still have lots of dark hair or if it would have all fallen out. If he would have teeth yet. If he would be sleeping through the night or up every 3-4 hours to eat. What color would his eyes be? What would his laugh sound like when his silly big brother made a funny face?
I am so thankful for the sacrifice our loving Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ have made so that we could be forgiven for our sins and be with our families again. Not only to be resurrected but to also be forgiven and try our best to be like Christ and for the opportunity that we have to be together with him in his Kingdom. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and the Church. I would be lost without it.

Sorry about the post being all over the place. I guess I have many mixed emotions today.