Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update on the Perry's

It's been almost a week since my last post. Not a whole lot of change has been going on here besides I am getting bigger!

Actually Ryan has worked very hard on Kamryn's nursery! We are done with the hard stuff! While my parents were visiting Ryan got started on the bead board with the help of my Dad and was able to finish up the painting of the walls on Tuesday. I will post pictures soon I promise. I just don't want to post them until everything is done. There isn't anything hung on the walls yet and I am still trying to decided between 2 different curtains. I still can't make up my mind and Ryan and I disagree. I still want to go get letters to hang her name above the crib, but I am such a pessimist. I am scared to buy them. I remember with Kooper we didn't hang his name up until a week or so before we had him.

As I put all the fun girlie things in her dresser and hung them in her closet I started to get a little anxiety, well I guess more than a little especially as I put the crib bedding up and as we finished the room. Even as I set up her room and pulled tags off things, that meant I couldn't return it if I needed to. I have kept every receipt from every piece of clothing. (I am pretty good at doing that anyway) But honestly I am scared to death! People say lightening doesn't strike twice, but I have heard the stories where it does. I just don't know if I could handle losing another baby. I think I am pretty strong. Others that don't have the faith that I do probably think that I moved on too quickly although I feel the pain and sadness every day that I don't get to spend with Kooper. I just have something so wonderful to look forward to. I get the looks when I tell people about Kooper and then being pregnant so soon after. They don't understand. They think I should be curled in a ball hiding in a closet feeling sorry for myself. But I know that I will be with him again and that there will be much more happiness at that time than I could have ever imagined. I look forward to meeting him again. It helps me get through my day.

On Tuesday I had my doctor's appointment. Come to find out I no longer need a full bladder for ultrasounds now that I am this far along and I was told that after a very long 2 hour wait. Yes my appointment was at 11:30. I drank a bunch of water at 11. Then the doctor was rushed because he was needed in surgery so they rushed his patients to see him and then ultrasound was backed up so I had my ultrasound at 1:15. I was ready to go up to the desk and tell them that they better see me soon or there would be a mess to clean up and a very embarrassed and upset pregnant women! They finally called my name and I told the tech that I was going to pee my pants. That's when she revealed that I no longer needed a full bladder. Everything looks really good. She is measuring a little bigger still which I am fine with considering I will be induced early. Last Monday night I started feeling alot of kicking at the top of my tummy and thought to myself I bet she finally flipped head down. She has been transverse for a while now and come to find out she is head down. She still is in hiding though. Again we did not get any good shots of her face!

I can tell she is growing too, I went to put on some scrubs that have been snug but fit fine, when I put them on they were so tight, if they had buttons down the front they probably would have looked like they were going to pop! So I need to go get some bigger scrubs.

As for Kade, he is full of excitement for everything. He had a horrible day on Saturday. He was sitting on the tile while I made Ryan a cheesecake for his birthday and when I went to get the beaters out the cord swung around and then the plug hit him right by his eye leaving a little mark. Then about a half hour later while taking a little bike ride to get the mail he went to turn a corner and the sidewalk dips a little and he fell. He face planted into the road and got a scraped up nose and lip and then when he realized his nose was bleeding he started to cry like a baby flipping out!

Just hours later we were at Desert Ridge Marketplace to have dinner with friends at California Pizza Kitchen. After Ryan arrived Kade got a little wild and excited and decided to hang on the table almost pulling our food off along with the drink that spilled and shattered. We just happened to have some older folks next to us who asked to be moved! I guess they didn't want to relive the moments from their parenting years.

Other than that though Kade is really excited to meet his little sister. He saw a newborn baby girl and said that's like baby Kamryn. He loves to see my belly wiggle when she kicks and then pulls his shirt up and makes his tummy move and telling me that Baby Kade kicked him.

The best part about Saturday was when I got to hold SaraJane (For those of you who don't know she was born a week before Kooper and is friend Jenns'a baby). Anyhow I was holding her as I walked out of CPK and to see the looks on the other female customers faces as I walked by. Some smiled with sympathy in their eyes and I even turned a few heads. I had a huge smile on my face and was laughing out loud inside. I was probably the next topic of conversation at the all girl tables. It is crazy to think that I would have a 9 month old and be this pregnant!

I get asked alot when I am due and when I reveal the date everyone is so surprised and thinks I am soooo big or whatever. Honestly I don't care but one of these days someone is going to get it! I also think some people don't realize how big you really do get when you are full-term because I feel big sometimes but I look at picture of me right before I had Kooper and I still have a little ways to go! Also if you consider 9 months ago I was a full-term pregnant women...and now I am almost 8 months pregnant....anyone who thinks I am too big can BITE me!

Okay I am done with this LONG post. I am mostly writing it for journal purposes but for those of you bored enough to read it. Congratulations, you made it to the end!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Brithday Ryan!

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! I love and appreciate all he does for me. He is such a great husband and father.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Window Safety

I wanted to pass this on. It's an important safety message about window safety. Please pass it on to others, you may be the reason someone's child doesn't fall out of a window. I don't have a 2 story house so I am not too worried about my child falling out of a window but there are many out there who do. This is for you.

Me as a child?

So some of my co-workers think that when I was younger I probably looked like the little girl in the backseat. This clip is from the movie Step-brothers. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy girl!

I am a happy girl today! I saw all my kids today!

I had my weekly ultrasound appointment where they look for her breathing and check my amniotic fluid level. She passed on the breathing and was moving like crazy. I have been so paranoid lately, thinking has she moved and usually as soon as I worry I say to myself, Kamryn kick before I start hyperventilating! Within seconds I feel the little nudge of an arm or leg. My placenta is right in the front which makes it harder to feel the smaller movements unless she is kicking my sides. Here are the last 2 ultrasounds I have had. One was last week and then from today. They aren't showing up very well because I took a picture of the ultrasounds with my camera.

3-D ultrasound April 14th. She was being a little stubborn and wouldn't really show her little face!

April 21st Not a real good one, but there is her cute little face!

After my appointment we made our way to visit Kooper at the cemetery. I hate it when I go and have to see a freshly filled dirt pile. My heart aches for that family. I wonder what there faith is and what they believe because I don't know how I would make it through the day thinking that I would never see my baby again. Having the knowledge of eternal families keeps me motivated to do my best and makes me feel better that I will hold Kooper again. The flowers are starting to fade a little. I am going to have to get some new ones. I replaced the eggs with a metal miniature wind chime and a little caterpillar stake my Mom and I picked out a week ago when she was visiting. They are hard to see especially since it was take with my phone.

One more thing....this morning Kade was pounding his little tikes hammer on something and I asked him what he was doing. He said he was making a present for Kamryn's birthday. I thought it was so cute! Here he is playing his new favorite game...Mario Kart.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby GIRL Shower!

So I still have a hard time believing that I am actually having a girl. It seems so surreal to me. I thought I would be blessed with ALL boys. I am so happy to be having a girl. Jenna spilled the beans at my baby shower that even before I was pregnant with Kade, I had girl onsies and bibs that I bought at Ross!
I am so thankful for Jenna for putting together the baby shower and for everyone else who helped with some of the other details, My Mom Keren, sister Ashley, friend Nickey and Jenna's Mom Gail. Everything turned out so perfect!

Jenna came up with some fun games! My favorite was Pin the bow on Kamryn!

My bow is the one right under her chin!

The other games we played I don't know what they are called but this is how they were played:
One game (which I won) was where you have 10 seconds to feel inside a bag. Inside the bag are a bunch of baby items. Then after your 10 seconds is up you have to write down all the items you felt. You may think oh I will just write down a bunch of baby items to win, but if you write wrong items you lose points.

Then we played a game where you had to cut out different features of babies in magazines and put them together to make a baby that you think will look like Kamryn. I picked my favorite on as the winner.

The last game we played was a list of traits. Before the shower Ryan and I picked which trait we want Kamryn to get from either him or I. Then everyone guessed what Ryan and I would have picked and whoever matched our answers the closest won.

Jenna came up with a great idea for a tie-breaker. We didn't need to or get to use it. But after everyone left Nickey, Jenna and I had a drink off....with baby bottles! We finished maybe half before giving up. I don't know how babies drink bottles....that's hard work!

Me, Jenna, and Nickey

The food was DELICIOUS! My mom made this awesome recipe for strawberry shortcake, Gail made these cute and yummy cupcakes, and we had some fruits, veggies and some chips and dip provided by my wonderful friends Jenna and Nickey. I am so thankful for everyone who came! It was so fun to see everybody. Some people I hadn't seen in quite a while and it was a good excuse to get together! Nothing better than a party full of GIRLS! I must say Kamryn is going to be one very well dressed girl!

Here are the party favors I made for everyone.

I should have never let Kade watch the movie Little Rascals...because when I wasn't looking he put on this....

What a great blackmail picture!!!!

And here I am at 28 weeks pregnant. This is at the end of the night and after a long week with VERY LITTLE sleep! Do I look tired to you?

For pictures of the baby shower click here, there are way too many to post on here!


This past week and a few days have been so jam packed I haven't had time to update my blog. A week ago Saturday my parents arrived from COLD Utah! Unfortunately it rained the night before they came and it wasn't too warm outside! They brought my nephew Daion to play with Kade. They are almost exactly a year apart. They had lots of fun and act just like brothers, best friends one minute and fighting the next. My parents brought along their dog Carter too!

Right away Daion and Kade were off on their bikes!

(Kade did get in trouble for riding in the road!)

While at Old Navy Daion and Kade found them a girlfriend!

We had a busy Monday running around to lots of stores and having fun as a family. Tuesday morning I had a doctors appt. and ultrasound. Kamryn was being stubborn during the ultrasound and wouldn't give the tech a good shot of her face. She is transverse and on her way moving into the head down position. She is in the 88th percentile for her size! Nice healthy girl! I will now start going weekly and will have ultrasounds weekly so I will get another shot at the 3D and hopefully get a good view of her precious face. Ryan and my Mom came with me to my appointment. I am so glad that my doctor is very pro-active and wants to make sure that I feel good and have a healthy baby! He reassured me if I ever felt off to come right to his office or if they were closed to go directly to L&D triage.

Later that night while I was off to work they all went to the Diamondbacks game! Kade was on the JUMBO-tron! They had lots of fun watching the baseball game!

Friday morning when I got off work Ryan and I drove to the airport to pick up my little sister Ashley. I was so glad she was able to come down to Phoenix for my baby shower. While she was here I got to help her pick out her wedding dress.She looked so good in everything she tried on! She looks so beautiful in it! I love it!!!! Wish I could show pictures, but I will have to keep that a surprise until August!

Friday night was so fun! My best friend Jenna threw me an awesome Baby GIRL shower...which I will fill you all in on in a separate post.

Saturday morning we were off dress shopping just Ashley, my Mom, and Me! We stopped on our way home at the Olive Garden (YUM!) and then my Mom, Dad, Ryan and I were off to the NASCAR race! It was awesome and such a good race.

Then this afternoon everybody left. CJ was back to being depressed and Kade was a little upset that he didn't get to go.

We miss you guys already! Wish you could be here in the warm sunny weather!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

9 months

As I look back on the last 9 months, it has gone by so fast. It is hard to believe that Kooper would be 9 months old today. It seems like yesterday I was ready to have a baby boy. I miss him so much. As Easter day is coming I think of Christ and his resurrection and it reminds me that because of him Kooper will be reunited with his beautiful perfect body. I look forward to that day. I was trying and trying to find a pictures, something new that I have never posted or shown about Kooper and I just felt like I wanted to share his video again. A wonderful volunteer from Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep took these treasured pictures and put together this beautiful slideshow of my sweet baby boy. It is on my very first blog post. I haven't figured out how to get it as a video on my blog but here is the link.

I love you Kooper!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All I want for my birthday....

Today is my birthday. I have been asked by my family what I want for my birthday and haven't really come up with an answer. I broke my phone so my answer to my husband was an iPhone, but that is a ridiculous request considering I have T-mobile and to get an iPhone off eBay or craigslist costs $500!!!!! So I wasn't really expecting it. This morning Ryan came to me disappointed. He has been searching everywhere for an iPhone for me (what a sweet husband). I am sure he would pay $500 for me to get one because he is just that kind of husband but he knows how upset I would be when I found out how much it costs. We don't have that kind of money but I know that he would do anything for me. As he apologized for not getting me the one thing I (jokingly) asked for I started to cry. He thought I was crying because I thought he was a horrible husband...I was crying because the one and only thing I really want I can't have. I want my baby here with me. I want Kooper to hold in my arms, give me a kiss, reach for me to pick him up, and cry for me to hold him. I miss him so much today. He is all I want for my birthday.
Sometimes I feel bad as I get really excited about having a little girl. I don't want Kooper to think he is being replaced or forgotten and I am sure he doesn't think that way, it is just a Mother's guilt. I know he would want his family to continue to grow. I just have to remind myself of that. Kamryn is going to be a lucky girl. She will have 2 big brothers looking after her, one a special guardian angel.

I am going to go get ready for the day, (I know it's 11:00 am). I am going to have a good day spending time with my family! Maybe we will just have to stop by and see our Kooper at the cemetary.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Kade's 4th Birthday!

Kade keeps telling everyone he is 5. So in case you hear him say that. Just know he's not. I keep telling him he's only 4, but he is positive that he is 5. For his birthday our friends RyanDavid and Jenna came over with their kids, Sumner and SaraJane. We had a picnic at the park and came back for some cake and ice cream. Kade loved his new orange motorcycle (bike) as he calls it and was so excited to get a yellow spaceship. He saw it at Hobby Lobby about a month ago and has been asking for it ever since. It is actually a rocket that you can launch into the air. But we won't be doing that anytime soon!

The Birthday BOY!

I love the look on his face, unfortunately my legs got caught in the picture! if anyone has an idea to fix this please help, cuz I love the expression on his face.

The "Orange Motorcycle"

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Kade, Happy Birthday to YOU!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Kade!


I can't believe how fast Kade is growing up. This morning when he woke up I said, "Guess what? Today's your birthday!" His reply was, "No it's not!" For the past few weeks he kept telling me that his birthday is coming up.
Happy Birthday Kade! We love you so much. You are such an amazing little boy! I am lucky to be your Mom!
Last night I was thinking back to 4 years ago. Couldn't wait to get in the hospital I walked all the time trying to go into labor, I played dance dance revolution. Nothing was working. I was induced early in the morning on April 5th. Kade was born at 1:48pm. Weighing in at 7 pounds 7 ounces. Ryan was a little freaked out by the shape of his head. He came out sunny side up and I am guessing he turned in the birth canal, because I have seen a lot of birth stories, but never saw a head like that. Luckily the doctor assured Ryan that it wouldn't stay like that.


1 year old!

2 years old!

3 years old!