Wednesday, September 19, 2012

August Recap…

I have been horrible about updating the blog. Here are a few pics from August!

Keegan trying to potty train his doll! and Kamryn falling asleep in the hall!

 IMG_2639 IMG_2643 IMG_2703

We said Goodbye to our friends the Vest’s, below is Sami and Kamryn. We miss you guys!

Kade and I went on a date to see Wimpy Kid, Dog Days.

IMG_2668 IMG_2700  IMG_2705   IMG_2545

Life father like son. Just had to take a picture of them asleep in the same position! I love Keegan’s blue eyes, even with a dirty face!


Here is an update on Kade’s room! We are trying to collect license plates from all the States! Thank you to everyone who has sent Kade a license plate!

One morning I was cleaning the bathroom and I hear, “Mommy!” over and over. I walk into the kitchen to find Keegan here…he climbed up but couldn’t get down.



“All I wanted were some chips mom!”


Kade started 2nd grade! Kamryn and Keegan really wanted to go with him! They even put their backpacks on!