Friday, July 31, 2015

The rest of July!!!

After we got home from Utah Kade enjoyed spending time with his younger brother and sisters. He is always putting things on Kylee!

Lately there had been some annoying black birds that would hang out on the grass in the backyard and chase the lizards we have in the backyard. I would open the door and scare them. Well one day Keegan noticed some birds by our front patio and opened the door to scare them off. They were actually Quail. I love the quail! They stay with their little familes and follow eachother around. Well this baby quail ran the wrong way and came right into our house. The little thing ran back into our laundry room behind the washer and dryer and I had to scoot it out with the pole of a broom and chased it into this bin where i scared the %$%$ out of it (litterally). I got the little birdie back to its family thank goodness!

Keegan and Kamryn had some fun using the markers to make themselves Anger and Sadness.

Kids Bop 29 finally came out and kamryn used her birthday money she had been saving to buy it!

This drives the kids crazy! Godzilla wrecking their toys!

We went and saw Kooper when we got back from Utah. 

Kylee turned 7 months old!!!! she was super lucky she didn't have to get any shots this time! YAY!

We made a visit and went down to Yuma to see our cousins! While we were there this happened!!!!

Kamryn and Keegan were also brave enough since they could touch the bottom while standing to try and swim without floaties and then did it!

We had meet the teacher at school and got to visist the kids new school! I am very excited for them!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kooper's 7th Birthday! 7-11-08

Time is going by fast, faster than I could ever imagine. My kids are growing bigger and getting older and time stands still for the way I see Kooper. I don't see him growing but year after year keeps passing and he would have been growing and getting older. Although I am sure he is growing in spirit and probably doing all sort of missionary work in the spirit world I don't get to be a part of it or maybe I am and I don't even know it. I don't get to get updates and hear from him. I look forward to hearing all his stories. To talking to him one day about how special he is to me. Although I tell him all the time and I am sure he hears me and knows my feelings. I can't wait to hear, see and feel his response. I know he comes to visit me. I feel his sweet spirit in times that I need it most. He will always be my sweet baby boy. I love and miss him so much. He is such a special part of our family. I don't wish on anyone the pain or heartache but I would choose to have him any way I can. I would relive the heartache over and over just to have him be apart of our family. 

This year we were up in Utah for the second time over his Birthday. It stresses me out a little bit. I know he isn't where his body is but I like the thought of going to his resting place of his body and to visit at the cemetery. 

So for his Birthday I always want it to be a fun day for the kids. I want my kids to think of Kooper's Birthday as a special day. I get sad on his Birthday and miss him dearly!

So this year we decided to go to the Minion Movie. The kids loved it. Then we went to a restaurant with my sister Ashley and her family.

The restaurant is right off Train tracks and has the city name in stone in the grass. 

Funny story is Kooper's middle name was either going to be Logan or Leland. Ryan wanted Logan, I wanted to pass down a Williams family middle name that my Dad and Grandpa and many of the boys on the Williams side have which is Leland. We finally had Kade help us decide what his name should be a few months before Kooper was born. We wrote them on a piece of paper and had Kade hold them in his hands behind his back not knowing which hand held which name. I can't remember how many times we did it but in the end I won and we went with Leland. 

My friend Nickey offered to go to the cemetery and visit him for me. It meant so much to me that she was not only thinking about me but realized I wasn't there to do what I would have most definatly done if I was there. Even with all that she is dealing with personally she was there for me and didn't really actually offer, told me that she was going to do it. i am so glad that she did! She cleaned off his headsotne and put fresh flowers out. I had been meaning to put out new flowers before we left but ran out of time. We plan to go when we get back to Arizona.
I asked her to please sent me a picture. This made my day!

I am so graftul for those that reached out and let me know they were thinking of me or my family or of Kooper on his Birthday. I feel many times like he is forgotten but I know deep down he is not and never will be. 

Then we drove up to the Logan LDS Temple and took our picture in front of it. This is where Ryan and I along with Kade were sealed for time and all eternity on August 9th 2005  to our sweet family. I am so thankful for my forever family and the gospel!

I love that my kids know their brother. They may not know him in a normal way but they remember him and include him and it makes me feel happy.

As Kamryn and I watched the fireworks earlier that week she whispered to me, "I think these are for Kooper too!". it made my heart happy because he was almost a 4th of July baby. I was in L&D triage on July 3rd with contractions 3 minutes apart. But unfortunately with no progress was sent home and the contractions eventually went away.

Then on Kooper's Birthday Keegan said, "Would Kooper be 1?" Which would seem like an obvious age for a baby to turn since that is how he is known to his siblings as a baby. I told him, "no" and then he shouted, "Would he be 10?!"  
Just Keegan talking about him filled my heart with joy.

We ended our night watching our Kooper video that is to primary music by Paul Cardell and has every picture we had of Kooper to the beautiful music. It makes me sad sometimes but I love to remember that short time I had with him that's what makes me happy and reminds me that life can be short and to cherish every moment!

Happy Birthday to our sweet boy! Until we meet again!

We love you soo much!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Park City

We went to Park City to do the Alpine slide and shared a Suite with my sister Ashley and her family. I wish we could have planned to stay longer. It was windy and a little rainy while we were there.

On our way up the mountain to do the slide. This is Kamryn, Maleaha and Jared. Keegan was a little too nervous and didn't go. I tricked Kamryn a little bit saying we were going on a little slide because I knew in the end she would have fun, and she did!

Me, Ryan and Kade on our way up!

Ryan ready to go!

Kamryn and I!

These are the slides we went down.

My Dad had fun too!

Kamryn and I coming down the slide.

Grandma Keren stayed back with Kylee and watched us come down. Then she went with Kamryn.
Keegan and Ryan did some miniature golf.

Kade did some rock climbing.

These kiddos were up till midnight being crazy!

Kylee was one happy girl in the morning!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Random Vacation pics!

Kylee got her first feel of some soft grass on her piggies!!! She loved it!

Maleaha slept over at Grandma's with us and in the morning when I did the girls hair we played a trick on my sister Ashley and told her that Kamryn and Maleaha got a hold of the scissors and chopped their hair off! 

Psych!!!! They didn't! They had so much fun playing together!

Kylee and Grandpa Tim

Kylee and Grandma Keren.

We were able to meet Grandpa Ron and Grandma Tammy for dinner one night but due to Grandma Tammy not feeling well we didn't get to meet up with them again before we went back to Arizona.

We did some crafts on the rainy days! 

One of my finished crafts!

Kamryn and Maleaha being crazy in the car while we were waiting for someone in a store. Don't worry I didn't drive without their seat belts on!

Sweet Kylee slept soooo good on the memory foam bed, so did Ryan and I!