Friday, July 31, 2015

The rest of July!!!

After we got home from Utah Kade enjoyed spending time with his younger brother and sisters. He is always putting things on Kylee!

Lately there had been some annoying black birds that would hang out on the grass in the backyard and chase the lizards we have in the backyard. I would open the door and scare them. Well one day Keegan noticed some birds by our front patio and opened the door to scare them off. They were actually Quail. I love the quail! They stay with their little familes and follow eachother around. Well this baby quail ran the wrong way and came right into our house. The little thing ran back into our laundry room behind the washer and dryer and I had to scoot it out with the pole of a broom and chased it into this bin where i scared the %$%$ out of it (litterally). I got the little birdie back to its family thank goodness!

Keegan and Kamryn had some fun using the markers to make themselves Anger and Sadness.

Kids Bop 29 finally came out and kamryn used her birthday money she had been saving to buy it!

This drives the kids crazy! Godzilla wrecking their toys!

We went and saw Kooper when we got back from Utah. 

Kylee turned 7 months old!!!! she was super lucky she didn't have to get any shots this time! YAY!

We made a visit and went down to Yuma to see our cousins! While we were there this happened!!!!

Kamryn and Keegan were also brave enough since they could touch the bottom while standing to try and swim without floaties and then did it!

We had meet the teacher at school and got to visist the kids new school! I am very excited for them!!!

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