Friday, July 10, 2015

Park City

We went to Park City to do the Alpine slide and shared a Suite with my sister Ashley and her family. I wish we could have planned to stay longer. It was windy and a little rainy while we were there.

On our way up the mountain to do the slide. This is Kamryn, Maleaha and Jared. Keegan was a little too nervous and didn't go. I tricked Kamryn a little bit saying we were going on a little slide because I knew in the end she would have fun, and she did!

Me, Ryan and Kade on our way up!

Ryan ready to go!

Kamryn and I!

These are the slides we went down.

My Dad had fun too!

Kamryn and I coming down the slide.

Grandma Keren stayed back with Kylee and watched us come down. Then she went with Kamryn.
Keegan and Ryan did some miniature golf.

Kade did some rock climbing.

These kiddos were up till midnight being crazy!

Kylee was one happy girl in the morning!

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