Thursday, April 30, 2015

Other April Adventures!

I could do this all day every day! Could someone tell her that she can't grow up and she can't grow anymore???

We love getting these beautiful smiles out of Kylee!

This sweet girl got another Character counts award for Trustworthiness! 

This little stinker got a hold of some scissors! So we had to buzz his hair!

I decided Kamryn need a trim and we cut off a few inches!

Kylee and her buddy Lacy! Only 2 months apart. Before we know it they will be getting into all sorts of mischief together!

We went to pickup the Easter decor and clean off Kooper's headstone. I had to head back to the car because Kylee wasn't too happy. Kamryn and Daddy stayed back and Kamryn wanted to say a little prayer. I love her sweet spirit! She is always thinking of her big brother in heaven.

This tummy time is getting more fun! Kylee is starting to roll. She gets stuck on her arm at times.

Keegan was so proud he went upside down!

Daddy and Kylee hanging out!

Kade loves his baby sister! He loves babies in general and will make a great Dad someday!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kylee's 4 months old!

I can't believe our little Kylee is 4 months old! She is a wiggle wiggle monster!!! I can't even get a clear picture most times! Those legs are constantly kicking, especially when she is happy! She can't take her eyes off the TV or electronics if they are in front of her. She loves her siblings. She loves to get her diaper changed. She is talking more and more all the time. Love her baby babble!! She gained some weight and only bled from one of the shots now that she has a little more fat on those legs. She is still on reflux meds to help with her GERD. We use the Angel Care monitor at night that has an apnea alarm to help us sleep much easier. BEST THING EVER. I would recommend it to any parent! She loves the bath and I couldn't imagine our home without her!

Height 25.75" tall (94%)
Weight 14lbs 12oz (64%)

Monday, April 13, 2015

New Nephew!

Congrats to my little sister Ashley! She had her baby! I can't wait to come meet him!
Sweet Baby Dario! Now we have another April baby in the family! My parents now have 5 grand-sons and 5 grand-daughters!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Kylee got her ears peirced!

We took Kylee to get her ears peirced! Daddy wasn't too happy I made him take pictures. But I reminded him that he took pictures when Kamryn got hers periced. So he did!

Remember when Kamryn got her's peirced!?


A little side by side comparison. Kylee on the left, Kamryn on the right.

Happy National Sibling Day!

I found these gems in my scrapbook for national Sibling day!
Bree trying to talk me into giving her a kiss. 

Bree on the left me on the right.
Ready to go to our Dance recital!

Ashley and I in our Christmas Dresses.

Me and Ashley ready to Dance!

I loved this!

I love my sisters! Wished we lived a lot closer and could spend more time with each other!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Kade's 10th Birthday and Easter!

Kade's birthday landed on Easter and Sunday we went to Red Robin the day before to celebrate! He thought it was pretty cool to have his Birthday fall on Easter! I can't beleive I have a 10 year old!
He was nice enough to share with his brother and sister!

That night we colored eggs!

In the morning they were left a note from the Easter Bunny with the eggs below hidden all around the house.

Kylee was lucky and didn't have to search for her basket. The Easter Bunny said, "maybe next year!"

Keegan's was in the cupboard under the sink.

Kamryn's was in the hall closet.

Kade's was in the dryer!

 Then it was time for him to open his presents!

For breakfast I made Bunny cinnamon rolls.

After we watched conference and had our Easter dinner we hid eggs for the kids to find outside.

Our little Bunny in her Easter Basket!

Then at the end of the night per Kade's request we had cheesecake and sang to Kade!

The following day we had Kade's "friend" party at the Bowling alley. They got to play laser tag, bowl and play arcade games. There were too many friends from school so he invited just friends that he plays with in our neighborhood. 
Kamryn and Keegan had a blast at the party too!