Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kylee's 4 months old!

I can't believe our little Kylee is 4 months old! She is a wiggle wiggle monster!!! I can't even get a clear picture most times! Those legs are constantly kicking, especially when she is happy! She can't take her eyes off the TV or electronics if they are in front of her. She loves her siblings. She loves to get her diaper changed. She is talking more and more all the time. Love her baby babble!! She gained some weight and only bled from one of the shots now that she has a little more fat on those legs. She is still on reflux meds to help with her GERD. We use the Angel Care monitor at night that has an apnea alarm to help us sleep much easier. BEST THING EVER. I would recommend it to any parent! She loves the bath and I couldn't imagine our home without her!

Height 25.75" tall (94%)
Weight 14lbs 12oz (64%)

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