Thursday, April 30, 2015

Other April Adventures!

I could do this all day every day! Could someone tell her that she can't grow up and she can't grow anymore???

We love getting these beautiful smiles out of Kylee!

This sweet girl got another Character counts award for Trustworthiness! 

This little stinker got a hold of some scissors! So we had to buzz his hair!

I decided Kamryn need a trim and we cut off a few inches!

Kylee and her buddy Lacy! Only 2 months apart. Before we know it they will be getting into all sorts of mischief together!

We went to pickup the Easter decor and clean off Kooper's headstone. I had to head back to the car because Kylee wasn't too happy. Kamryn and Daddy stayed back and Kamryn wanted to say a little prayer. I love her sweet spirit! She is always thinking of her big brother in heaven.

This tummy time is getting more fun! Kylee is starting to roll. She gets stuck on her arm at times.

Keegan was so proud he went upside down!

Daddy and Kylee hanging out!

Kade loves his baby sister! He loves babies in general and will make a great Dad someday!

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