Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to remove a lizard from a sticky insect pad.

Recently I had a friend post a picture of this stuck lizard. She wasn't sure how to help it. 

In the past we have had a similar situation. Ryan has removed the lizard and the lizard ends up losing skin or tails and with a bunch of sticky junk all over it. So last summer when I got home from work and found a lizard in the same situation I did a little googling and found a wonderful idea.....PAM! You spray them with Pam (cooking spray) and let it soak a little bit where they are stuck and they end up being able to walk off! Be careful because any live insects (spiders/scorpions) that you spray will be free also. I have saved a few from ripped skin and torture. So when I saw the post I just had to save this big lizard! I love lizards!

Keegan and I went to their house with our trusty Pam and freed the lizard.  A spider did get free during the process because this guy was REALLY stuck and it crawled onto Keegan. But he was a tough guy and brushed off the spider without screaming!

So if you ever have a lizard/sticky pad situation grab some pam!

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