Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Recap

So for the first time ever Kylee fell asleep in the jumper!

She is loving every second of being outside! Especially when its nice and cool. So Tuesday nights are the best because the kids have soccer practice and Ryan's the coach!

Got the kids a fun Halloween craft to get them in the Halloween spirit!!!

We met our friends the Burninghams for lunch at an outdoor mall and of course couldn't get a decent picture of them together!

The kids cousins came up from Yuma for Labor Day weekend to visit! They all had such a great time!

Kylee and her buddy Lacy! Lacy probably thinks she's crazy!!!

First soocer and football game of the season! Go Green Dragons and Big Red!

Someone has a shadow and I don't think he likes it!

While Kamryn's at school this little miss spends her time playing with her big sister's toys!!!

Kamryn's new thing is, "Let's take a selfie!" Keegan calls them Shelfies!

Oh yeah and we have to get another one before church!

She just learned another new trick!!!

Coudn't sleeping babies!

Some more soccer and football.....STRIKE A POSE!

 This sweet girl turned 9 months old!!! She is the happiest baby!!!
Keegan and his friend Lily enjoying a little ice cream!

Kylee and Lacy want to know where their's is!

The kids had their Annual Primary Program at church and did such a great job! Love these kiddos!

Kylees new favorite thing is to look out the window and see whats going on....