Thursday, October 25, 2012

Challenger Space Center

Ryan work for Cox Communications (it’s a cable company). Earlier this month they had a employee event at the Challenger Space Center. They have done it in years past, but we haven't been for a few years. The kids had a blast!

 IMG_3136 IMG_3134 IMG_3138

They had hot dogs and brawts for dinner. Then inside they got to meet a Digi! And do all sorts of space things!

IMG_3140IMG_3145 IMG_3147 IMG_3142  IMG_3141 IMG_3146 IMG_3144

Tolmachoff Farms

During Fall break we took the kids to this Farm. It has a corn maze, we went on the kids corn maze because we didn't really want to be stuck with 3 kids in a big maze. I got a little claustrophobic being in that corn!
IMG_3060 IMG_3062  IMG_3079
They had a huge bouncy thing, Not even sure what to call it. Some tricycle race area and a fun slide and ropes to climb! Kade was the first kid there that we saw to climb to the top and ring the cow bell! There were cute baby pigs too but I didn't get their picture!
IMG_3117IMG_3081IMG_3083IMG_3074They loved the chickens! Their favorite part was this ride:       IMG_3099 IMG_3102 IMG_3103
They loved the bouncy house too!
IMG_3107 IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_3112 IMG_3113  IMG_3115
We had to get their heights! Kamryn took my picture and Ryan was off getting some tickets for a ride and we forgot to go back to get his picture!


First Baseball (Coach’s pitch) practice of the season was today! Soccer isn’t quite over and we are moving on to baseball! It was a little hectic today, we went to Kamryn’s dance class, made a pit stop to McDonalds and then straight to Baseball. Then realized we were at the wrong field! Sat through baseball and got REALLY dirty. The kids were covered in dirt.

Kade’s team color is Orange and he came up with the team name. He is coming out of his shy shell pretty quick. They are named the Scorpions! Then as we left he yelled by to his friend from school who is on his team. “See you tomorrow Jacob, it’ll be fun chasing the girls!” I guess that’s what they do during recess, chase girls! Oh boy!

Kade had a blast and the kids had fun getting dirty. Now everyone is fast asleep! YAY! Time to clean up and watch a little Grey’s Anatomy!


Kamryn as usual falling asleep in the hallway. I think this is the first time she had cars lines up next to her. Kade has a new chapter book favorite, George Brown Class Clown. He reads a chapter every night. Cute little Keegan just loved to line his cars up, Kade used to do the exact same thing (actually he still does like to line up his cars but now he sorts the cars by type and color and is very particular). Keegan is particular too but I am not sure what his reasoning is but things have to be in just the right place!IMG_3133  IMG_2982   IMG_2990 IMG_2994

My handsome hubby! I don’t get many pics of him on the blog unless he is holding one of the kids. I snapped this shot just before he said, “Don’t take my picture.” can you tell he doesn’t look like he wanted his picture taken. He still looks hot!

Keegan is all about getting food all over his face. But he knows to go back in the play area he has to show us that he has eaten all his food. Kamryn got into the markers again! She had marker in her belly bottom and all over her thighs, face and hands!

IMG_2988IMG_2987 IMG_3028 

Movie night!

I decided to rent The Avengers when I was walking out of Walmart one night. Kade had already seen it with Ryan at the movie theater. Probably not the best movie for a 2 and 3 year old. But they loved it. Keegan got the Ironman gear on and Kamryn begs to watch the Hulk! Although Kade is the Hulk for Halloween and Kamryn is super scared of the mask!

IMG_3048 IMG_3057

Our Halloween Craft I found on Pinterest! Get you can’t tell which one is Kamryn’s??IMG_3032

Halloween Package

Grandma Anita sent the kids a Halloween package earlier this month. They were so excited to see what was in the box. They love the ghost that sings and dances and then they each got a beanie baby. They like to share and don’t have a certain one or fight over them which was really surprising! IMG_3004 IMG_3013IMG_3022   IMG_3011IMG_3010 IMG_3007

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Favorite Conference Talk

Earlier this month was the LDS General Conference. We usually have things going on during the Saturday session and surely we did. Kade had a soccer game. We always record them so we can go back and watch them when we have time. As I got back from Kade's soccer game I decided to turn on that mornings conference and listen to it as I got ready. (Kade had an early game and I didn't have time to really get ready). As this talk came on I stopped what I was doing and shushed the kids who were pulling at my leg and wanting this or that. I listened to his words and felt like that talk was meant for me. Meant for all the families out there that have had to go through similar experiences. I cried like a baby, and Kade even had to go into the living room where Ryan was to let him know that I was crying (thanks Kade!). I needed to hear this talk. So needless to say it was my favorite talk.  It really spoke to my heart. It is always nice to here what you believe reaffirmed by others. I know I will be with Kooper again!


Monday, October 15, 2012


Well thank goodness we finally got this girl potty trained! I didn’t think the day would EVER come! I do have to thank our babysitter Mary. She started to go potty for Mary one or two times a day. I would ask her, “Did you go on the potty for Mary?” Kamryn would say, “No!”. Finally I said well if she is doing this for Mary, If I let her run around in a dress with no diaper maybe she will start going for me. Oh yeah and I bribed her with money! And it worked. The girl loves money! Every once in a while she has accidents but its usually my fault and I forget to remind her. She rarely goes in her diaper at night. And pretty much hates wearing it! She doesn't’ like to do number 2 in the potty, so that is causing us a little grief right now.  But boy am I just thankful that she is potty trained! She will go in any public restroom. She did have a slight problem with going in the port a potty at the pumpkin patch, but ended up going. She is the exact same age that Kade was when he decided he would go on the potty. I tried and tried with him and finally decided he would do it on his own time and it wasn’t worth the fight!


She loves makeup and fingernail polish and all the girly stuff, but she loves to play in the dirt too! Here she is, using markers as eye shadow! Luckily it was washable!

Front tooth

On 9/16/12 we finally got that front tooth out of Kade’s mouth. It was getting so disgusting and I tried so hard to get it out. He wouldn’t let me near his mouth so when he was sleeping a few times I would go into his room and wiggle it and put a little pressure on it. It bled a few times and one time he woke up the next day and said he had a dream that I pulled his tooth out! Haha! I was lucky I didn’t get caught. So one day I decided to Youtube videos of kids getting their teeth pulled out with a string and door or a string and remote control car. I showed Kade that it didn’t hurt. He wasn’t convinced. I finally gave him the ultimatum of either us getting it out or the dentist. So after lots of tears we finally got it out with a remote control car…well sort of. He wanted Kamryn to drive it. So I was video taping it all and the car wasn’t fast or strong enough because it didn’t pull it out, so while I had a string around his tooth I gave it a quick tug before he got the string off and it was out! He was so happy it was out, but he still won’t let me do it to the other 2 loose teeth that are right on the edge of falling out. He is determined that they will fall out on their own! IT’s driving me crazy because when I was a kid, if a tooth was the tiniest bit loose, that sucker would be out by the end of the night so I could get some money!

Here he is happy as can be!


Yep the new one was already a quarter way in!

Picture Day

I let Kade pick out his outfit for picture day. This is what he chose. He wanted to look just like his Dad, and he did!



This little guy is so silly and smart! He loves to do whatever Kamryn and Kade are doing. He thinks he is a big boy and thinks he can do big boy things, weather it’s jumping off the kitchen counter when we aren’t looking or running as far away as he can when we are out somewhere and we have to go chasing after him. He loves to test the limits and even checks to see if you are watching before he does things. Every time I paint Kamryn’s nails he gets so jealous, so last time I did it I painted his black (for Halloween) and he cried and wanted me to take it off as soon as it was on there (thank goodness). He loves to play babies and loves to play cars. He does just what Kade did at this age, makes them all go in one big long line. He is very independent and wants to do everything himself.

IMG_2877 IMG_2827 IMG_2844  IMG_2876

Last month I finally took him to get his first REAL haircut. Usually I just buzz it. He wasn’t quite sure about getting his haircut, but enjoyed the sucker at the end.IMG_2866