Thursday, October 25, 2012


First Baseball (Coach’s pitch) practice of the season was today! Soccer isn’t quite over and we are moving on to baseball! It was a little hectic today, we went to Kamryn’s dance class, made a pit stop to McDonalds and then straight to Baseball. Then realized we were at the wrong field! Sat through baseball and got REALLY dirty. The kids were covered in dirt.

Kade’s team color is Orange and he came up with the team name. He is coming out of his shy shell pretty quick. They are named the Scorpions! Then as we left he yelled by to his friend from school who is on his team. “See you tomorrow Jacob, it’ll be fun chasing the girls!” I guess that’s what they do during recess, chase girls! Oh boy!

Kade had a blast and the kids had fun getting dirty. Now everyone is fast asleep! YAY! Time to clean up and watch a little Grey’s Anatomy!

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