Monday, October 15, 2012

Kamryn’s first dance class

Kamryn started a tap and ballet class in September. She was so excited. She wore her dance outfit almost every day! She would get it right out of the dirty clothes if she had to. She wore her tap shoes any where I would let her too! She loves going every week. I was a little worried because the first day of dance class she had only been potty trained for a couple days and I was really worried she wasn’t going to tell her teacher she had to go. Plus the teacher just watches them go walk to the bathroom and they don’t have any help with their leotard or tights. Luckily she didn’t have to go. Also their isn’t a room for the parents to watch so I couldn’t really just watch for her cues that she had to go. She loves to go and goes all by herself and she is proud of it! She tells me, “Bye, Mom. You have to leave now.” She will have 2 performances in December. She loves to practice at home but no so much in front of other people!


I told her to strike a pose and this is what she came up with!


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