Monday, October 15, 2012


This little guy is so silly and smart! He loves to do whatever Kamryn and Kade are doing. He thinks he is a big boy and thinks he can do big boy things, weather it’s jumping off the kitchen counter when we aren’t looking or running as far away as he can when we are out somewhere and we have to go chasing after him. He loves to test the limits and even checks to see if you are watching before he does things. Every time I paint Kamryn’s nails he gets so jealous, so last time I did it I painted his black (for Halloween) and he cried and wanted me to take it off as soon as it was on there (thank goodness). He loves to play babies and loves to play cars. He does just what Kade did at this age, makes them all go in one big long line. He is very independent and wants to do everything himself.

IMG_2877 IMG_2827 IMG_2844  IMG_2876

Last month I finally took him to get his first REAL haircut. Usually I just buzz it. He wasn’t quite sure about getting his haircut, but enjoyed the sucker at the end.IMG_2866

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