Thursday, October 25, 2012


Kamryn as usual falling asleep in the hallway. I think this is the first time she had cars lines up next to her. Kade has a new chapter book favorite, George Brown Class Clown. He reads a chapter every night. Cute little Keegan just loved to line his cars up, Kade used to do the exact same thing (actually he still does like to line up his cars but now he sorts the cars by type and color and is very particular). Keegan is particular too but I am not sure what his reasoning is but things have to be in just the right place!IMG_3133  IMG_2982   IMG_2990 IMG_2994

My handsome hubby! I don’t get many pics of him on the blog unless he is holding one of the kids. I snapped this shot just before he said, “Don’t take my picture.” can you tell he doesn’t look like he wanted his picture taken. He still looks hot!

Keegan is all about getting food all over his face. But he knows to go back in the play area he has to show us that he has eaten all his food. Kamryn got into the markers again! She had marker in her belly bottom and all over her thighs, face and hands!

IMG_2988IMG_2987 IMG_3028 

Movie night!

I decided to rent The Avengers when I was walking out of Walmart one night. Kade had already seen it with Ryan at the movie theater. Probably not the best movie for a 2 and 3 year old. But they loved it. Keegan got the Ironman gear on and Kamryn begs to watch the Hulk! Although Kade is the Hulk for Halloween and Kamryn is super scared of the mask!

IMG_3048 IMG_3057

Our Halloween Craft I found on Pinterest! Get you can’t tell which one is Kamryn’s??IMG_3032

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