Monday, October 15, 2012


Well thank goodness we finally got this girl potty trained! I didn’t think the day would EVER come! I do have to thank our babysitter Mary. She started to go potty for Mary one or two times a day. I would ask her, “Did you go on the potty for Mary?” Kamryn would say, “No!”. Finally I said well if she is doing this for Mary, If I let her run around in a dress with no diaper maybe she will start going for me. Oh yeah and I bribed her with money! And it worked. The girl loves money! Every once in a while she has accidents but its usually my fault and I forget to remind her. She rarely goes in her diaper at night. And pretty much hates wearing it! She doesn't’ like to do number 2 in the potty, so that is causing us a little grief right now.  But boy am I just thankful that she is potty trained! She will go in any public restroom. She did have a slight problem with going in the port a potty at the pumpkin patch, but ended up going. She is the exact same age that Kade was when he decided he would go on the potty. I tried and tried with him and finally decided he would do it on his own time and it wasn’t worth the fight!


She loves makeup and fingernail polish and all the girly stuff, but she loves to play in the dirt too! Here she is, using markers as eye shadow! Luckily it was washable!

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