Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Favorite Conference Talk

Earlier this month was the LDS General Conference. We usually have things going on during the Saturday session and surely we did. Kade had a soccer game. We always record them so we can go back and watch them when we have time. As I got back from Kade's soccer game I decided to turn on that mornings conference and listen to it as I got ready. (Kade had an early game and I didn't have time to really get ready). As this talk came on I stopped what I was doing and shushed the kids who were pulling at my leg and wanting this or that. I listened to his words and felt like that talk was meant for me. Meant for all the families out there that have had to go through similar experiences. I cried like a baby, and Kade even had to go into the living room where Ryan was to let him know that I was crying (thanks Kade!). I needed to hear this talk. So needless to say it was my favorite talk.  It really spoke to my heart. It is always nice to here what you believe reaffirmed by others. I know I will be with Kooper again!


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Ebbinessy S said...

I love that talk too! I sobbed through it. I really lie that he didn't gloss over his pain but shared it.