Monday, October 15, 2012

Front tooth

On 9/16/12 we finally got that front tooth out of Kade’s mouth. It was getting so disgusting and I tried so hard to get it out. He wouldn’t let me near his mouth so when he was sleeping a few times I would go into his room and wiggle it and put a little pressure on it. It bled a few times and one time he woke up the next day and said he had a dream that I pulled his tooth out! Haha! I was lucky I didn’t get caught. So one day I decided to Youtube videos of kids getting their teeth pulled out with a string and door or a string and remote control car. I showed Kade that it didn’t hurt. He wasn’t convinced. I finally gave him the ultimatum of either us getting it out or the dentist. So after lots of tears we finally got it out with a remote control car…well sort of. He wanted Kamryn to drive it. So I was video taping it all and the car wasn’t fast or strong enough because it didn’t pull it out, so while I had a string around his tooth I gave it a quick tug before he got the string off and it was out! He was so happy it was out, but he still won’t let me do it to the other 2 loose teeth that are right on the edge of falling out. He is determined that they will fall out on their own! IT’s driving me crazy because when I was a kid, if a tooth was the tiniest bit loose, that sucker would be out by the end of the night so I could get some money!

Here he is happy as can be!


Yep the new one was already a quarter way in!

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