Friday, May 31, 2013

May 2013

Still spending as much time as we can outside before it gets scorching hott! IMG_4745
I have a new niece! My sister Bree had a beautiful baby girl Kiah!
Me, Nickey and Jenna after Nickey’s baby shower! I threw a baby shower for my friend Nickey! After 2 boys she is having a girl! 
 IMG_4855 IMG_4856 IMG_4851
We finally have some family in Arizona! My cousin Amanda got married and moved down her with her new husband to go to school! We couldn’t make it to the wedding. They had an open house in Gilbert where Micah’s family lives. We are happy to have some family close by! We even got to see the rest of her family when they came down for the open house!
Kamryn finished up her second dance class! Some of the girls are missing. She had a lot of FUN!
 IMG_4883 IMG_4884
One of our trips to the cleaning and friendliest fast food places. Chick-fil-a. Keegan dips his chicken in Ketchup honey and ranch…. They always get a balloon there and can’t wait to take it outside to let it go to Kooper. They sure do love their brother!
IMG_4886  IMG_4888 IMG_4887
WE love to slip n’ slide at our house! One of the best ways to stay cool when you don’t have a pool!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kade turns 8!

On April 5th Kade had his 8th Birthday! He had a party at Chuck E Cheese! He had a lot of fun! It was nice having my parents here to celebrate! There is my sweet baby when he was one day old! We did this to his door when he was asleep! He woke up to a surprise! He crawled under all the paper and left it up for a few days. To get in or out he had to crawl on the ground.

He got a new bike for his birthday and asked everyone else for money. He is saving up for an iPad mini! He is almost there!

IMG_4538IMG_4537IMG_4541IMG_4548  IMG_4552  IMG_4590IMG_4607IMG_4601IMG_4577  IMG_4594Kade with some of his friends who came to the party!



Family pic…Kamryn is there. Can you see her?

The kids had a great time! We went home and Kade opened up some presents he got in the mail from family who live out of state!


Kamryn and Keegan got early birthday presents from Grandma and Grandpa Williams the day before Kade’s Birthday! That’s all they want to do is ride bikes!


Jerome, AZ

While my parents were visiting in April we decided to check out Jerome, AZ. A small ghost/mining town. We didn’t stay long. Long enough to go to a museum and drive around the little town.

   IMG_4524 IMG_4520

Driving back home!