Friday, April 30, 2010

How many kids do you have?

I don't share Kooper with everyone. Sometimes I feel horrible when I really don't want to explain to someone when they ask, is this your third? I usually will share, but there are times where I just don't feel comfortable with the person that is asking. Like Wednesday at Kade's swimming lesson. One of the other Mom's started asking me about the spacing between Kamryn and Keegan. And of course told me how hard it is even though she hasn't experienced it. I know I haven't either so what the heck am I talking about? I felt uncomfortable. I didn't feel like sharing with this particular person.

Well I ended up moving Kamryn over to a grassy area so she could play and another mom came over and started talking to me. She had overheard our conversation said, "Don't let people tell you how bad it is to have two so close in age. I have 2 that are 15 months apart and I love it and wouldn't change it for anything." And she does have some experience they are 7 and 8 years old, and are also a boy and a girl. She went on to ask about the spacing between Kade and Kamryn and I told her about Kooper. Come to find out she lost her first baby, he was a boy and he had trisomy. We talked a little about our Angel babies. I hate hearing that someone else has experienced what I have, but in a way it is comforting to know that you aren't the only one. Although circumstances were a little different. She knew that her baby would be born and probably die soon after from the time she was 6 months pregnant.

Kooper has been on my mind alot lately. The other night when I posted and was so exhausted and tired, well I got thinking about Kooper and started looking at pictures of him and ended up staying awake for another hour and a half just thinking about him and thinking of those memories, thinking about how I wished I would have had the volunteer from NILMDTS take more pictures of him with his hat off. I LOVE the hat. It was my favorite part about his "going home" outfit. I was so excited for it. But I only have a couple pictures of his head full of hair that are really nice and edited to everyone. I miss him so much.

Today when I was out and about and as I thought about all the stares or how I had been asked the same questions or the same comments over and over, How close the kids would be? and the comment, You're gonna have your hands full! I thought. I wonder what people would say if Kooper were here. Sitting in the stroller with Kamryn, and Kade in tow, and me looking huge and ready to POP! I wonder what the comments would be. I wonder if I would get even more funny stares. I have become used to the stares. I almost don't even notice it unless I make eye contact with those around me. I can only imagine how a mother of multiples would feel. But it would be awesome to have a great comeback after I told the ages of my kids: 5, 21 months, 10 months and 1 and a half months away from another. I don't know what my response would be to any of the crazy questions or comments but I think I would laugh and lie just to make them feel foolish for asking! Or maybe they would just think I was crazy!?

By the way the little one is doing good. Passed all his test and is head down! Let's hope he stays that way!


Thursday, April 29, 2010


Kade finished up his swimming lessons today. He is much more comfortable with the water than he was before. Although he doesn't know how to swim yet he has done really well. Unfortunately he isn't comfortable enough to jump off the diving board with a life jacket on. But he did go down the big slide today! Here are a few shots of his last day in his class.

Here he is freezing his bum off and waiting to get his life jacket on. It was life jacket/water safety today.

Going to the deep end with his friends!
Waiting to be thrown in and swim to the edge (he chickened out and just got in the pool).
Here he is when I asked him if he wanted to go off the diving board.

He really did have fun going down the slide. He wasn't sure what to expect. He really thought he was going to go under the water. After he said how "awesome" it was and that he wants to do it again!

Also Kamryn started clapping today! It's so cute. I never really tried to get her to clap. I would clap her hands fora her every once in a while but she would never do it on her own. She would pat her leg or pat my hand to clap. But today I was clapping at her and put her hands together for her and she started clapping. She was so proud of herself! I am just waiting for her to start walking. Any day now I swear and she will be off.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keegan 32 weeks and a couple days update!

As promised I am posting some pictures of the Keegan from my ultrasound yesterday. He is breech! Little stinker! The doctor is not worried, especially since there is lots of fluid. The more fluid the more room they have to swim around and flip around. When I was 32 weeks with Kamryn she was breech and then 3 days later flipped around so I am not too worried. I just really don't want to have a c-section! Other than that he is doing good, kicking alot and making me uncomfortable. I feel like a beached whale but it's all worth it!

Here he is!

His face looked deformed, but it is actually the cord that is going across his face.

A profile view.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sooooo tired!

I am soooo tired right now that I am having trouble forcing my eyes to stay open. I picked up an extra shift last night and have only slept for maybe 4 hours. I was going to post some ultrasound pictures of Keegan but I am too tired to even scan them in, so I will post them tomorrow.

I get bothered so easily when I am sleep deprived. I am not very nice when I go without sleep, usually. So I was especially annoyed today when I was trying to feed Kamryn and she kept blowing air out of her mouth and pushing her tongue out making most of the food in her mouth come out and go all over her face or all over me. She thought it was funny. It wouldn't bother me so much except for the fact that she doesn't like food on her face and so she starts wiping it with her hands and ends up pushing it up her nose.

Then she was napping, I was napping and Ryan and Kade were washing the car. Well a neighbor needed to borrow something from Ryan and when CJ heard his voice he started barking and Kamryn woke up so that meant my nap was over.

Oh well at least today is over....the kids are in bed, Ryan is watching Deadliest Catch and I can finally just go to sleep.

Hopefully I will get some good rest and be a nicer Mommy tomorrow with more patience and more motivation to clean and do laundry and actually get the new ultrasound picture on my blog.



Monday, April 26, 2010

A new word!

Kamryn has finally started to say a new word besides bababa....she now says Dada! She actually just started saying it yesterday, on Ryan's birthday. What a nice birthday present to give to her Daddy!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart! I love you very much!

Here are a few pictures from today.

Notice the 24 plus 4 more candles! There was no way I was going to fit 28 candles on the cheesecake. Well I could but it would ruin it.

Blowing out the candles!


Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have finally been outside of the Phoenix area without just driving through. I have lived here almost 7 years now and sadly have not really stayed anywhere but Yuma (to visit my sister in law when she lived there and my grandparents when they lived there). Other than that we have just driven through areas and haven't stopped and enjoyed or explored the area. I have always wanted to go to Sedona and Ryan went recently so since tomorrow is his birthday he took the day off work and we had some fun. We drove up to Sedona and spent the day up there. Here are some pictures from our adventure.

We stopped at Sunset point. Kade was being a cranky boy and didn't want to participate in getting his picture taken.

Here is everyone on the car ride there....I ended up between the two kids because Kamryn needed to be entertained for the 2 hour car ride. This is one way I entertained Kamryn...

Kade again...not wanting to get his picture taken.

Kade got a nice close-up...Thanks Kade, you can practically see up my nose!

He was willing to take a picture of himself though!

When we first got to Sedona we ate at Open Range. It was pretty good food! The kids meal is pretty cool too. I guess I was impressed that they got a 4 pack of Crayola crayons to color on the menu and then the meal came with the main entree along with fruit (which was watermelon), cold veggies, seasoned fries and a cookie! I was jealous! I love all those things.
While the boys were in the restroom I took a few pictures of Kamryn. She was being so cute!

Then we went walking around to different little shops.

We sat down by a water fountain and had some ice cream. Kamryn loves ice cream!

Kade showing off his muscles!

Kade did a pretty good job taking our picture...I did crop it though!
Kamryn and I by one of the Pink Jeeps! I wish we could have went on a tour! One day...
Kade on the pink jeep!

I was trying to take a picture of something else (I don't even remember what) we were driving at the time and I got this random picture of a sign.

There was a pink pig but I didn't get a picture of that one...

Getting ready to go to the Outlets, which we thought would be fun, but there really weren't many stores. While we were there we went into a shoe store and Kade found the Sketchers (the light up ones) that he wants REALLY bad. Every time we see them he has to have them and has a huge meltdown when we won't get them. So Ryan had the idea of telling him to go out to the car with me while he bought them. Well Ryan really wasn't going to buy them and break the news to him later when it wasn't in front of a bunch of people in the middle of the store. So I went along with it and he had a meltdown later.
What a fun day!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Long day!

It's been a long fun and exhausting day! I had lots of fun hanging out with Jenna and dragging the kids around all day. I am finally home and ready for bed. But first I just wanted to share this ultrasound picture from my BPP of Keegan today. As I am posting this he is doing flips or something in my tummy!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cold outside!

It's cold outside! It's 60 degrees and Kade had to swim outside!

Well it is the end of week one of two of swimming lessons. Today and yesterday have been chili outside, and the wind has been blowing. Kade still enjoys it up until it's time to get out! Kade has had this issue with water getting in his ears. I took a few pictures. It's funny to see his facial expressions. I am glad that even though he was dunked into the water he still wants to keep going swimming!

So serious!