Saturday, August 31, 2013


Well August means school is starting! So we did some clothes shopping for Kade up to the outlets and let the kids have fun at the splash pad too since the highs are still 110+ degrees outside!

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We met Landon, Dylan and Nickey at the splash pad for some fun the week before school started. The kids had a blast!


The kids and I drove to Gilbert to see our friends the Burninghams! WE went swimming and came back to there house and hung out for a while. We don’t get to see them enough!


The kids were worn out! Kade took a few pictures and fell asleep a few minutes later on our drive back to Surprise!


Kade had his first day of 3rd Grade! He wanted to take his teacher an apple.


Kamryn still likes to change her outfit a million times a day and make her own style!


I saved 2 lizards this month! IF they get stuck on the sticky pads you put down for bugs just spray some pam on them and within a few minutes they will be FREE without accidentally ripping their tail off!


We took the kids to see Planes!


My new friend Nicholette and I made a fun Halloween craft!

 IMG_0099 IMG_0100

Everytime we go to Chick-Fil-A the kids have to get a a balloon and they always let it go to Kooper when we walk out the door.


Ryan and I went to a Cardinals pre-season game. It was a fun date night!


Kamryn had her first soccer practice of the season. She was refusing the shin guards and her cleats! Luckily she warmed up to wearing them and warmed up to her coaches! She was fine with Ilene the girl coach but the male coach she wasn’t too sure about!


After her first soccer practice a huge dust/monsoon storm came in….and as soon as we walked into the door the power went out! So the kids watched movies on the ipad until the power came back on. Looks like we had light because of my flash but it was completely dark!

IMG_0163Then my parents arrived to watch the kids while Ryan and I went on our Anniversary Trip to Hawaii! They brought along their dog Harley and he sure did make himself comfortable!